Yesterday was a disaster!

I spent the morning with the dentist and the afternoon with my heart doctor. The dentist got rid of the pain that plagued me for several days. The heart doctor visit was supposed to be a routine one. My blood pressure was out of whack! Both ends high. I who run generally 110 over 60. A baby’s blood pressure! We assume and hope it was from the jaw pain I was experiencing for several days. We shall see.

This morning was lovely! The days here in Key West are magnificent. I could taste and smell spring and the ocean this morning. Wild!

Bocce starts thursday. I may practice a bit this afternoon. I received a set of balls for my birthday last year. I have not used them yet.

The bocce courts are new. The City of Key West went for all new courts. I can’t wait to see them.

My blog will be late tomorrow. My computer still down. I am at Lisa’s. Tomorrow morning is golf. I will not have time prior to golf to drive into town to do the blog. So do not look for it till at least 3 in the afternoon.

Kurt telephoned this morning. He wanted to take me to the Strip House for dinner tonight. Not yet, I had to tell him. Still not chewing. Especially steak. Maybe in a month.

Kurt is a scratch golfer. He has not played in months. Shoulder injury. Major surgery. Still recovering. He said he would show up however and drive me around the course. The last time he did, I played very well. He coached just about every shot I hit.

We also made plans to go out tomorrow night. A little of Don’s Place, the Chart Room and the Larry and Jenna Show at Hogfish.

Enjoy your day!

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