Not good morning! Good afternoon!

I finally made it to Lisa’s. It is just before 2 in the afternoon.

I had pain over the weekend. I had pain this morning. My jaw. So it was to the dentist again today. For almost two hours! I hope I am better. To soon to tell.

This is a doctor day. I have a 3 o’clock check up with the heart doctor.

I am beginning to think this is what old age is all about. Doctor, doctor, doctor!

Yesterday was pleasant.

I laid in bed watching the talk shows in the morning. Then some beach time. Bought some New York papers and went to Higgs Beach. Sat in the shade. Looked at the girls and read. All the while suffering with my jaw.

Last night I finally made the Gardens. Kate Miano’s gem! Big crowd! Around 150 people. Many friends. Chatted with Island Shoe Lady Stephanie, Frank, Diane, June and Bill, Kate and many more.

John Fairbrother came over to say hello. At first I did not recall who he was. Then it hit me. John and I met at the Chart Room about a year ago. He is a Navy officer stationed in Key West. He was at the Gardens with his wife Marcy. Nice people.

I had planned on staying out last night and going to the Pier House. Sunday is Larry Smith’s Showcase in the Wine Galley. The featured performer last night was Rose Bonanza. I had never hear her sing. Everyone was talking about her this week. I decided I had to hear her perform.

My jaw interfered. It was killing me while I was at the Gardens. I went home instead.

Enjoy your day!

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