Good morning world!

It is Sunday!

I am alive and well!

I did not write a blog yesterday. Computer problems. Still not resolved. I am at Lisa’s this morning doing this blog.

I must have had at least 30 phone calls starting yesterday afternoon. Are you ok? Sick? What’s wrong? Why no blog?

Thank you for your concern.

Syracuse basketball was on the agenda yesterday. Syracuse played Depaul. Syracuse was favored. Depaul is in the cellar in the Big East. But the Big East is not predictable. On any given day, any team can beat another.

Syracuse won. Big. 107-59. Boeheim tried not to run up the score. In the first half, all ten of his players played. And all scored. It was that kind of game.

I am not overly excited by the Syracuse win. It was too easy. It was Syracuse’s last game of the season. I thought the team needed to be tested more for the tournaments ahead.

I ran into a friend from last year at the Sports Page Bar. We watched the game together. His name is Scott. He is a retired lawyer from Chicago. He just returned from Brazil. We watched Syracuse games together last year.

After the game, I was off to the Chart Room. Michael and I chatted for a while. Also spoke with some tourists. Everyone was in a Key West partying mood.

Then to Don’s Place. Ran into Russ. We were talking at the bar. Russ is the chef at The Strip Joint. A fellow by the name of Skip joined us. First time we met Skip. A political discussion ensued. Heated on occasion. Friendly fire, though.

Skip is a dye in the wool Republican. Russ and I Democrats. After Skip left, Russ and I concluded that Skip was more of a Democrat than he realized.

Then home to bed.

Marty telephoned me this morning. Finally! He has been a bit ill. Now better. We shall be seeing him soon in Key West.

I was relieved hearing from Marty. I thought some terrible illness had befallen him and he was not sharing it. Many people have asked about Marty. The word, my friends, is he is ok!

The last few days the media has been carrying a news story about a 16 year old athlete who died after making the winning shot in a basketball game. His name was Wes Leonard. Lived in Fennville, Michigan. Described as an all American kid. Star in basketball and football. A good student. Admired by faculty and students.

An autopsy revealed Wes died from cardiomyopathy. An enlarged heart.

I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy a little more than two years ago. Chest pains and tiredness sent me to a heart doctor. A change in my lifestyle and medication straightened me out in a year. My heart compressed to a normal size and started working effectively again.

How can a 16 year old know he has an enlarged heart? Especially an athlete.

A sad occurrence. The young should not die. Parents should not bury a child.

What more can be said.

I do not anticipate my computer being fixed till Tuesday. So this blog will be late again tomorrow.

Thank you for your indulgence.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. I am a new follower of your blog. You make Key West sound like the place to be. Love to move there but…

    A high school athlete in my town dies several years ago from cardiac problems as well. I don't remember from what but it did spurn a big push for everyone to learn CPR. Maybe these kids should have an echo before the season starts?

    Computer problems? I can relate first hand since I work on computers all day long.

    I look forward to your next entry.

    Bill, from New York

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