All good things must come to an end.


Key West weather has been perfect for weeks. Today it will be less so.

When I stepped outside, I could taste the salt in the air. The sky is full of gray clouds. Rain? Not today. I play golf!

The weather report calls for scattered showers. I hope it holds off till I finish 18.

My girls left me yesterday. Donna and Terri drove off. Their first stop is New York and then Washington. The house is quiet. I shall miss them.

They lead a strange life. They were to leave at 10 yesterday morning. It was close to 10. I asked them when they were going to pack the car. They said we already did it. At 2 this morning when we came home! Home meaning my house.

Safe trip, ladies! I enjoyed having you here.

I walked afterwards. Duval from the Atlantic to the Gulf and back. Tourists all over. Having a good time. Laughing. Enjoying all that is Key West.

Then to the Coffee House. Sipped and read. Chatted with a few friends.

The cupboard was bare again. Stopped at Publix. Prices have been creeping up the past few weeks. To the point where the bill increase has become significant. So, too, with gasoline. Up $ .40 a gallon in Key West.

We are heading for trouble!

I stopped at Lisa’s at 4. Had to babysit. Lisa had an appoinment. Corey was flying in from Louisville at 5. My job was to watch the grandkids and pick up Corey.

Robert and Ally were excited. Their father was coming home!

As soon as Corey came through the gate, they ran to him. Jumped all over him. They love their
Dad. It was obvious they had missed him. They talked non stop to him on the drive home.

This morning golf. Hope we finish.

Kurt telephoned last night. He still cannot play. His shoulder surgery continues to heal. He is coming to the golf course, however. He will drive me. The best golfer in our group driving me, the worst!

Last friday’s internet show is available anytime on demand. You can watch the Key West Lou Legal Hour at

Enjoy your day!

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