I am up early this morning. Ahead of the sun.

The weather was fantastic again yesterday. Sunny. In the 80s.

I walked. Started on the the Atlantic side of the island. Through the grounds of the Southernmost and Reach. Down Duval to the Gulf. And back.

Back was to the coffee House. Glanced through the papers. Chatted a bit.

Spent the afternoon under the tiki hut writing. Periodically sat back, looked out over the water and thought about this and that. Nothing things.

Donna and Terri leave today. First stop is New York. Terri has more tap dancing rehearsal time in preparation for the Follies show. She does a solo seven minute tap dancing routine in the show. Then they are off to Washington for two months. One for rehearsal, the other for the show.

I took them out last night. They already had a dinner engagement. So we had drinks on the deck of Louie’s Backyard. As the sun set.

Then I was off alone to Hogfish for dinner. A couple of diet cokes. I am not able to chew yet. Sat at the bar. Enjoyed the company of some local fisherman.

Enjoy your day!

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