Yesterday was another stay at home day. I am not stir crazy yet. Ergo, I must need to stay in.

I spent the greater part of the day under the tiki hut working on friday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour show. My game plan is to do the show.

Two problems. Some bruising remains. I can explain it away to the watching audience. The other is I have not talked consistently for one hour yet. Will my jaw handle it? Going to be interesting.

KONK AM is no longer KONK AM. It is now KONK Broadcasting. Management made a decision. The radio portion is being dropped. The internet portion expanded . The numbers indicated a great audience via the internet compared to a small AM one. So KONK is thrusting forward with an improved internet offering.

The move makes sense to me. My numbers indicate an overwhelming internet viewing audience world wide.

So my fans, look to the internet for me on friday at 10 in the morning. The internet site is still the same. That will be changing next week and I shall tell you the new site at that time.

This week’s show is full of current goodies. Like South Dakota and its lunatic plan to make the killing of abortion doctors justifiable homicide, the failure of federal assistance with the Montana wolf pack situation, the Egyptian revolution and my thoughts that democracy is a long way off, the Lara Logan story, Borders filing for bankruptcy, a Nazi war criminal finally being brought to justice for 2,000 World War II deaths, some teen age burglars who thought they stole cocaine and sniffed it (it was the cremated remains of the husband and the woman’s two pet dogs), Ecuador nails Chevron with an $8.6 billion enviromental judgment, Arizona’s Sheriff Joe thinking of running for the U.S. Senate, and more.

Lisa and the grandkids visited last night. Make Poppa feel good time!

Suddenly my jacuzzi has become popular with Robert and Ally. They took their baths in it last night again and put on their pajamas. Then they hopped in bed with me for a while.

I am the good host and good grandfather. I let them watch whatever they wanted on TV. SpongeBob SquarePants! Not my favorite. Terrible, in fact. But to Robert and Ally, it was the best!

SpongeBob was playing hide go seek. The grandkids and I play hide go seek often. Ally is the best. She finds innovative places to hide.

SpongeBob hid in the toilet bowl. Ugh! I could see the smile developing on Ally’s face. I explained to her the toilet bowl was a no no!

This morning I visit the dentist. If the swelling is sufficiently down, he moves on to the next step.
I have not shaved in nine days. I am beginning to look like Abe Lincoln. Another nine days and I definitely will!

I will shave this morning.

Enjoy your day!

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