Still home.

Home is not a bad place to be confined when it is in Key West and your home is on the water. I spent a little time laying outside in the sun yesterday. I am pale. Need color. Also, someone told me that I need vitamin D to assist in my bone recovery and the sun helps.

I am better. The bruise remains pronounced. It looks like I lost a fight! Pain now intermittent. Still cannot bite.

Home may not be the safest place. I fell yesterday. Not sure whether it was the pills or what. Lost my balance and went down. My lower back and right side are sore. Fortunately, I did not hit my jaw.

All I could think of was I am becoming like my father. He has been falling for years and still falls at 96.

Still on milk shakes. The blender has become my best friend. Last night I explored. Threw some meat, cheese and a raw egg in the blender. Added ice and water. Voila! Did not taste bad. Nor did it taste good. My concern is getting protein into me. Needed for bone healing.

Wednesday is one of my favorite nights in Key West. Bobby Nesbitt at Aqua and later on the Larry and Jenna show.

Not tonight, however. I am not ready for public viewing yet.

I almost forgot! Today is Wednesday. Golf day! No golf either!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Mr.P I sure hope you're not still on the p&p dental scam..oops I mean dental plan. Cancelled yet again for non-payment!!!! Do you need a good housekeeper? Gardener? I'm about ready to live on sunshine and coconuts (I'm sort of used to surrounding myself with nuts).

    Sorry to hear about your dental problems, but I do hope you've got coverage! We don't!!!

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