Good morning!

Sun shining. Blue sky. Water moving along. A stiff wind from th north. High expected in the low 70s.

Yesterday was cold and gray. Low 60s. A good day to stay in bed. Which is what I did.

I am still recovering from my dental surgery. It will take a while.

Not a bad day to be bed ridden.

Syracuse basketball at noon. Lost to Louisville. 73-69. With 15 minutes left in the game, Syracuse was losing by 20. They brought it back to 3. That was it.

The team is not as good as we thought. Boeheim was correct. The salvation is that the whole team returns next year, except for one senior. Ho ho!

In the meantime, Casey stays in the minors!

The pain killing pills knock me out. I tried not to take them yesterday. However, there comes a time when there is no question they are needed. I am sort of out of it when the pain pills take effect. I have not done my Amazon Kindle legal blog in two days. My fingers and brain do not intertact properly and I cannot think effectively on the pain pills.

My lower lip was huge. Looked like a Ubangi. It has come down considerably. My jaw is still swollen, though much less. Bruising horrendous! Two huge purple ones.

The surgery was apparently more difficult than normal because my bone was so diseased and infected. Had to be cut and scrapped. Then two cadaver bones put in to replace the bone removed.

My next Amazon Kindle blog will be about cadaver use in the human body. Laws governing. Violations of the law. A big business. Dollars being made in illegal trafficing of body parts. Did you know that the human body is worth in resale for its parts $150,000? It will be an interesting Amazon Kindle legal blog!

I lay in bed last night under the influence of my pain killer. Saw two terrific movies. Off and on. I tended to drowse on occasion.

Gone With the Wind and Wizard of Oz.

What could be better! Love the I don’t give a damn line!

I am not eating yet. Liquids and ice cream. Any sort of biting hurts like hell!

The grandkids returned last night. They look at my huge bruises in wonder.

They will return with Lisa and Corey this morning. We are having a pancake party. Lisa got Starwars, butterfly and heart shapers.

I told Lisa I could not eat. Even pancakes. She said I needed the company. She is right!

My thanks to all who have texted and e mailed me. Love you all! Interestingly, no one has telephoned. All apparently knew I had great dfficulty talking. My jaw hurts if I attempt to talk.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Good afternoon Lou,

    I certainly understand what you are going through! In order to get some sustenance into your body you can use your blender to make your food soft enough to drink. Those pancakes blended with a little syrup and milk would have done you good! You can blend most anything to make it drinkable and it really is better than one would imagine. Good luck!


  2. All the $$$ made in your lifetime as an attorney and you didn't spend any on your teeth????

    What were you thinking?

    Instead of fancy houses, expensive vacations and spending time in every seedy bar and overpriced restaurant you should have seen a dentist a some point.

    If your jaw bone is so decayed imagine the rest of your bones and all the infection that has traveled in your bloodstream to your heart for so many years. This didn't happen overnight but has gone on for years.

    Too many years of neglect and now you pay the price. In both pain and suffering.

    You are making your dentist happy though– his trip to Europe this year is being financed by your bad teeth.

    You had the money. You can't be so stupid to think the problem would go away. You had to have experienced some toorh discomfort before all this so why did you wait so long for treatment???!!

    No sympathy here and i am not alone in thinking you are paying a hefty price for your ignorant decisions.

    Preventative care and your teeth will last a lifetime. Mine have.

    Yes me – an AARP member of the pre-baby boomer greatest generation and still going strong!

  3. Hey Anonymous Stalker,

    What exactly do you get out of coming on this blog and making disparaging comments about and to Louis? Why are you here?

    It's a pretty brave thing to do, posting anonymously. Maybe there is an agenda that you have and are afraid to be revealed.

    I have seen some other anonymous bomb throwers on the internet….they are usually in junior high.

  4. Yes but anon makes a good point – take care of your teeth (and your body and your eyes and your hearing, etc.) and they will last longer. Why not take care of what God gave you? We only have one body so don't abuse it and it will serve you a lifetime.

  5. What is the point of beating up on Louis on his blog, especially after the fact?

    There is someone posting here frequently and anonymously, who obviously has a beef with Louis. But they are too cowardly to put their name on their post.

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