I did not do much yesterday. Still in distress. But improving.

Except for a quick visit to the dentist, stayed in bed.

Pain better. Only hurts if I bite down hard by accident. Appearance worse.

Corey, Lisa and the grandkids visited last night. Corey says I look like Fu Manchu. He’s right! I have two large purple bruises on each side of my jaw. The center is clear. The bruises accentuate what is only a two day beard. The clear skin in the center looks like a goatee.

I am still on the pain pills and antibiotics. Need them. I try to go without the pain pills. But then I have no choice.

Another bed day ahead. Fortunately, Syracuse basketball at noon. On ESPN. So I will be able to watch the game from my bed.

Back to the dentist for a moment.

I had two lovely nurses assisting. One was Noelle. A charming personality. Always expressing concern for me over the four plus hour procedure. The other nurse I am ashamed to say I cannot recall her name. My recollection of her is clear, however. She had the loveliest eyes! She was constantly above me. All I could see was her eyes. They were beautiful. Made up lovely. Her eyebrows trimmed perfectly.

The things we remember.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi There! I'm sending lots of good wishes your way for a speedy recovery. You will survive this and it will all be over with before you know it. Hang in there!!!

  2. KWL

    No better way to recover from something like that than having your loving daughter, son in law and grand children with you along the way! Awesome.

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