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  1. Relax Lou and heal. Yes, time is your friend and each day will be better. Now is the time for the deep reading of the book you always wanted to know.

  2. kissing?

    you better think more about getting better and replace the missing teeth.

    no woman wants a man without a nice smile.

  3. Naps (and pain meds) are your friend, Lou! Patience and determination will serve you well. In a few more days you'll be back to eating hogfish!

  4. Hmmm, I remember reading about very young lady in your life who be more than happy to give you a Vday hug. Get it before she grows too big for it. 🙂 Hope you feel better. I can empathize about dentists. My wife was terrorized by a "free" dentist provided for "the poor" in her grammar school. She HATES dentists. The only way to get her into one is to knock her out. And, she hits back. Hope this makes you chuckle.

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