Good morning world!

I am up a bit early. This is the day. I will be in the dentist’s chair at 8. For 3-4 hours.

Yesterday was lovely! Perfect Key West weather!

I played golf in the morning. Did not shoot badly. However, the guys I played with shot better. Much better. Cost me $20! The most I have ever lost!

Don was his usual spectacular self. Shot 85. Mikey was excellent. Shot 90. Aaron 104. Me, 110.

Even with a lot of strokes, I could not handle the onslaught. But… I had! And that is what it is all about!

The season is here. The golf course was crowded. We did not finish playing till after 2. We normally tee off at 8:45. Yestrerday it was 9:30.

I napped a bit afterwards.

Last night started with Syracuse basketball. At the Sports Page Bar. Syracuse and Georgetown. Georgetown won. By about 8 points. It was a good game till the last 2 minutes. Syracuse enjoying a small lead. Then Georgetown exploded and Syracuse could not handle it.

I bled orange!

Casey is never going to get out of the minors at this rate!

After the game, I hurried over to Hogsbreath for the Larry and Jenna show. First time the show was presented there. Upstairs. A lovely place. The perfect venue for the show.

The only problem is that Hogsbreath is located in the center of the tourist area. Parking is a big time problem.

That’s it for this morning! I feel like an early Christian waiting to be fed to the lions!

Enjoy your day! I doubt I am going to enjoy mine!

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  1. Good luck today Lou. I hope everything comes out ok. No pun in tended. Well maybe a little.

    As for yesterdays comment about how it was your fault and being poor has nothing to do with it. Genetics plays a lot bigger role in your dental health than people realize. The one thing is for sure. Being poor or having the fore thought to take care of your teeth. Does not cure you from being an ass.

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