My day yesterday started with a visit with my doctor. My internest. Dr. Lefferts. She is happy with my present condition. So am I!

Then a brief stop at the dentist’s office. Tomorrow is the big day! I wish it was over!

Someone commented on yesterday’s blog to the effect that if I had taken care of my teeth when young, I would not be facing tomorrow. Absolutely correct. However what the commentator forgets or does not know is that things were different when I was young. I doubt the commentator is 75 years old or even close.

We were poor. I was not fortunate enough to be a member of the boomer or entitlement generation. Times when parents had the where with all to pay for dental and orthodontic bills. A visit to the dentist was a rarity. A luxury.

So the money that should have been spent in my youth is spent today. Not by my parents, but me. Because that is the way it was and is.

After the stop at the dentist’s office, I visited Lisa. Love that girl! At 45, still my baby!

Stopped at the Coffee House. Rocco is back. He was a waiter last year at Azur during the season. This year at The Rooftop. A nice guy. We chatted a bit. He had a new I pod. He has never had a computer. It is all a learning process for him.

I had an airport pick up at 5. The weather turned out good yesterday. Warm all day. Beautiful. I was waiting in the airport about a half hour. Finally my pick up arrived. His first comment was how cold it was. I told him he was crazy. The weather was fantastic today.

We went outside to go to the car. It was chilling cold! In a short half hour, the weather had turned. At least 10 degrees. Amazing!

I thought I would have dinner at the bar at Michaels. The place was packed! No room at the inn.

Dennis and Emmett are no longer there. Somehow one of them would have accomodated me. New help. I was a stranger. A 45 minute wait. I did not wait.

Headed over to La Trattoria. Packed also. But Kathy got me a seat at the bar immediately. Had hogfish. Sauteed. Delicious. Chatted with some tourists at the bar.

Becha was not working. I was disappointed.

Big day today.

Golf this morning. It will be warm.

Tonight starts with Syracuse basketball at 7. I will be at the Sports Page Bar. Syracuse plays Georgetown. Always a battle!

After the game, I shall hurry over to Hogsbreath. Not Hogfish. Hogsbreath is a restaurant/bar on Duval. The saying affiliated with Hogsbreath is “…there ain’t no breath like hogs breath!”

Larry and Jenna have moved their show to a new venue. Tonight for the first time it will be presented from upstairs at Hogsbreath. Nine o’clock. Stop by if you have time. A fun show.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, I hear you loud and clear about growing up with very little. We both learned that we needed to work harder than the next Lady or Man to get ahead. The end result we lack for nothing now 🙂

  2. I am pre baby boomer as well and have all my natural teeth in fantastic shape and grew up dirt poor in the South without a pot to piss in all my childhood. Worked my way thru school with the help of no one. Once I got a job and somewhat decent healthcare and a few dollars I made wise decisions to seek medical and dental and eye professionals regularly for preventative care.

    You were an attorney, a professional, so do not hand me the bull about being poor or busy. Been there. Done that and more. Accept the fact you neglected them in your younger days (20s, 30s, 40s even into 50s) and now must pay the price for your choices.

    Luckily I knew better than being so foolish.

    An AARP member of the Greatest Generation and still gping strong!

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