Island weather is strange.

Key West has had magnificent weather the past two weeks. Generally in the 80s. With a touch of humidity. Air conditioning required.

This morning it is 60. A bit chilly. The high today is projected at 68. A 15 degree drop in temperature from previous days. Then tomorrow it will warm up again.

Live in Key West long enough and you become a half assed weatherman! I suspected a change in the weather. Yesterday the wind was coming from the south. Whenever we have such a wind, it rains. This time no rain. A minor cold front instead.

Even the weatherman is not always precisely correct!

Yesterday started with a manicure. Tammy at Lee Nails. Such a lovely person!

It was quiet. Business slow.

Tammy’s parents still live in Vietnam. She told me they are coming to the United States soon. To live with her. Tammy is married and has two small children.

She laughed as she told me they do not speak English. They will have to learn.

Her parents are 38 years old. Youngsters themselves! People must marry and bear children in their teens in Vietnam.

Then to Publix. The cupboard was really bare! I needed everything.

Food is expensive. I don’t know how families do it in this economy.

I spent the afternoon enjoying my favorite past time. Writing. First, yesterday’s Amazon Kindle legal blog. About new laws banning smoking. In New York city in public parks, beaches and plazas. In the nation of Bhutan, everywhere.

Then I returned to my book. An effort. An experience. A joy to do.

I have not shaved since friday. Did not feel like shaving yesterday. So I opted to go to Hogfish for dinner. My beard fit in!

Sat at the bar, read the newspapers and enjoyed hogfish. Chatted with some local fisherman. Their beards were heavier than mine.

This morning I have a doctor visit. My internest. Just a check up. Amazing all the docotor visits associated with getting older.

Thursday is the bad day! The one I am not looking foreward to! Major dental work! Fear and trepidation are already upon me!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I have been reading your blog for almost a year. I was turned on to it by my cousins Tom and Cindy from Cedar Rapids Ia. Good luck on Thursday.

  2. Take care of your teeth when young or face $$$$$$$$ when you are old like Lou.


    And all the drilling and pulling and jaw cramping and oh! PAIN! Soup thru a straw for Lou!!!!!!


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