Yesterday started with my radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Love doing it!

Post show comments zeroed in on two items.

The one receiving the most attention was Malawi’s new anti-farting law. Malawi’s Justice Minister in a radio interview Wednesday said that the “anti-fartinjg” law would clamp down on unruly bowels and promote “public decency.”

Some things you can’t make up!

The other item creating much discussion was this weekend’s Super Bowl in Dallas. Pimps selling children for sex. The Dallas Police Chief says, “This is a very big issue.” Apparently child prostitution at Super Bowl games has been on the rise since 2008.

After the show, I visited Lisa at her office. Ally was better and had gone to school. Amazing the recuperative powers of the young!

Spent some time at the Coffee House. Glanced throught the Citizen. Browsed the New York Times. Many locals in and out. Chatted with a few.

Then home to write my Amazon Kindle legal blog for the day. About? What else! Malawi and the anti-farting law!

Dinner was at Orgami last night with Jenna. Sushi. Sat outside. Pleasant conversation.

Jenna is a thin girl. Very thin. I sometimes think her waist would fit in the palm of my hand. She never eats. Last night she did. The first time I have ever seen her devour food. She apparently is into sushi!

I have a full day today. Jenna’s birthday party at noon. A champagne brunch. Should be fun. Jenna is all of 25! Syracuse basketball at the Sports Page Bar at 2. Then dinner tonight with Lisa and the family. It is Corey’s birthday. 47. We are celebrating it at dinner tonight.

Enjoy your day!

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