A simple but lovely Key West day yesterday.

The weather perfect. As it has been. 80 degree weather.

Two birthday parties and a basketball game yesterday.

The first party was Jenna’s. At noon. A champagne brunch.

Jenna was 25 years old. So long ago!

She was absoluely lovely. A long flowing gown. Barefoot. Hair free. A bright smile.

She was a gracious guest of honor and hostess. I saw a side of Jenna yesterday I had never seen before.

Great food and great company! Champagne, mimossas, bloody marys, omelets, fresh fruit and everything else. Pleasantly served by Jenna as she glided around making sure everyone was properly cared for.

I left the party early. Some things are more important than a party. Like Syracuse basketball!

I got to the Sports Page Bar as the Syracuse/South Florida game was starting. Syracuse won by 23 points. As they should have. South Florida is not that good this year. Syracuse played as a top team should.

I was releived and happy at the result.

I watched the game all alone. What is happening? Last year the bar was crowded for a Syracuse game. Perhaps it is too early in the season and the Syracuse fans have yet to arrive.

Yesterday was son in law Corey’s birthday also. 48. We went as a family to Outback.

Robert and I played tick tack toe while waiting for our meals. Ally played with Lisa. Ally has gotten much better. She concentrates and at 5 knows now to block her opponent’s moves.

After dinner, we went back to Lisa’s to sing Happy Birthday! And eat cake.

I have no plans for today. It is Super Bowl Sunday. Where I shall watch the game, I have not yet decided. Invited to several parties. Even Lisa is having a party. For her, Corey and the kids. Nachos and salsa! Robert and Ally are excited!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Louis,

    You will soon have company at Sports Page. We arrive the week after this one. And we plan on frequenting Sports Page often, one of our favorite hangouts.

    Tom & Cindy

  2. Howdy Lou!

    You live the fantasy I dreamed of 24 years ago when I visited Key West. Soon, when I can retire from the Augmenter, I plan to buy and live in the Keys and KW. I will translate my VA acreage and nice house into a Keys pad with a pool and off street parking. So shall we meet at the bar? I was also a DJ in years gone past as well as a cop and an attorney. When my wife retires from the County we shall move.

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