Radio show day! The Key West Lou Legal Hour!

A great show! Based on the week’s happenings. Its been a big week news wise. Today’s show will be interesting and informative. Funny on occasion. Chilling on others. Definitely thought provoking.

From Homestead to Havana, Cuba, the show can be heard on the radio. KONK 1500 AM. Ten this morning. Worldwide on the internet for viewing and listening.

Poor Ally. My 5 year old graddaughter. Sick yesterday. The bug. Bad. Lisa called me to watch her. She sat in my lap. Cried, slept, hurt. Warm. Her body fevered.

Hope she is better today! Too tiny and fragile to be pained.

Later in the day, Jenna and I got together. Two hours. Fine tuned today’s radio show.

Got a telephone call while Jenna was here. From Barbara Klein.

Barbara is from my home town. Utica, NY. We went to high school together. We have not seen each other in 30 years. She was in Key West for one day. With her friend Carole Mohave. Another Utican and someone I knew slightly. She wanted to meet for a drink. I had no time. Bocce banquet last night!

I met the two of them for a quick half hour. Wish I had had more time. Enjoyed the conversation. Enjoyed them. Told the both of them that the next time they are going to visit, give me some advance notice. I will take them out on the town!

The bocce party was terrific! The best yet! Good company, good food! Russ cooked filet strips and cut them in pieces. Russ is the Chef of Chefs at the Strip House.

The party was at Don’s Place. Everyone there.

A special award is presented annually. The Larry Smith Award. Named after Larry. Awarded to the most obnoxious and difficult person on the bocce courts. Larry won the first time several years ago. He won again last night. He was terrible this past season!

Have to hustle. Besides showering, I must shave. It has been a week. I have been living in Key West time. Can’t do the radio show with a growth.

Again, join me for the radio show if you can. Like the guy with the suits on TV, I guarantee you will like it.


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