Hello world!

I am back again. Though a bit late. Received a telephone call around 7 this morning from Lisa. Ally upchucking. Can you sit? Of course!

So her I am.

Ally looks good. Talked to me quietly. Told me of he stomach pains. She is now sleeping on the couch. I hope the worse is behind her.

Yesterday was a busy one!

Golf in the morning! I am back! Felt good playing. Did not tire. Shot 20 strokes better than normal. Was hitting the ball long. If it were not for two eights on the front and two sevens on the back, I would have broken a 100.

After golf, I sat with the crew on the porch of the club house for a while. Twelve of us. World problems were resolved.

When I returned home, I did my Amazon Kindle legal blog. Each day is a different topic. I opted to write about suicide yesterday. The selection was precipitated by a news release concerning a 33 year old Buenos Aires woman who jumped from the twenty third floor of a Buenos Aires hotel. She landed on top of an empty cab. The roof and windows caved in. She did not. She survived.

Then it was off to Bayview. Robert and Ally are taking tennis lessons. This was my first time to observe them. I was impressed!

Both are hitting the ball. Robert is aggressive. Ally a little girl. She prances.

Back home again. For my third shower of the day! It was hot! Mid 80s yesterday.

Last night started with Syracuse basketball. We won! Casey was brought up to Class A ball!

Syracuse beat Connecticut by 8 points. A significant win. On the road for Syracuse. Also, Connecticut ranked #7 and Syracuse #17. How the mighty fall! I am referring to Syracuse.

Where is the Syracuse delegation? It was only me and Marty again for the game. Marty is from Oneonta, New York. Dan and Lisa! Where were you? I know you are in Key West! Two games in a row I have watched without you! What gives?

I hurried over to the Bottle Cap after the game. The Larry and Jenna show had already started. A good show, as usual. Next week the show moves to a new venue. Upstairs at Hogs Breath. See you there next week!

Today is a busy one, also. Besides baby sitting, I still have to do the Amazon kindle legal blog. Tonight is our bocce banquet at Don’s Place at 6. Good food and good people! In between, I have to fine tune tomorrow’s radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning on KONK 1500 radio. World wide on the internet for viewing at www.konkam.com.

My plate is full with topics to be discussed tomorrow. It has been a busy week. Issues like the American Embassy employee in Pakistan still being held on murder charges, the Polish traveler who booked a trip to Africa to hunt elephants and found no elephants, New York City subway riders who shed their pants and skirts on the subway trains on January 10 in honor of the tenth anniversary of the No Pants Subway Ride, the 75 year old Idaho woman who got pissed off at the librarian and was dumping things like ketchup and mayonnaise in the night return deposit box, suicide, no smoking anywhere in a particular country, the first to break the law a Buddhist monk, New York City and no smoking in public parks or on public beaches, free parking for pregnant women in NYC, walrus endangered, rhinos being poached, Borders may file bankruptcy, and more.

The more includes Egypt, Republican efforts to redefine rape under the abortion law, Bush 2’s daughter coming out in support of same sex marriage, bad child discipline in Alaska, Muslim growth projected over the next 20 years, Russian spy Anna Chapman a big hit in Russia, Super Bowl child sex trafficking and a Florida federal judge declaring all of Obama’s health care package unconstitutional.

Speaking of Konk, the radio station is publishing a weekly newspaper. Starting today! KONK Life! And guess what? I have agreed to write a weekly law column. Fun!

The girls have returned. Donna and Terri. Terri had a big night Sunday at Feinstein’s in New York City. Packed house. Now she has a month of local engagements. A number at La Te Da. Terri will be singing tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday night in the Crystal Room. Broadway songs for all to enjoy!

You enjoy your day!

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  1. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I'm not sure how I happened upon it. Probably in my search of all things Key West. (My most favorite place in the world) We will be visiting again in April. (Twice a year if we can manage it!) Knowing the trip is in 2 months is helping me to survive the winter in Erie PA. Maybe we will see you about while visiting! My husband and I and another couple rented a house off Duval on Olivia.

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