I’m losing it!

I was laying in bed about 10 yesterday morning when the phone rang. Dr. Lefferts’ office. I had an appointment at 9:30. It had to be rescheduled.

At 4, I had an appoinment with my heart doctor. I went. Sat down in the reception area. Was taken into an examining room promptly at 4. After I was done, I was at the reception desk talking with Brenda who was scheduling me for my next appointment. She said, “You know Louis, your appointment was for tomorrow. However our 4 for today cancelled, so I sent you in.”

Definitely losing it!

My heart problems are coming under control. I am down to a fluid problem. I retain water. Ankles get big. I am taking water pills. No problem if I do. The problem is we are trying to wean me off the water pills. Not easy.

In between, Lisa telephoned. Ally was being sent home from school. Purportedly sick. Can you babysit? Yes.

Ally was fine. I do not know why they sent her home. She ate good. No temperature. Playing.

I had things to do. I called Lisa and told her I wanted to take Ally out. Explained Dr. Louis’ findings. She said OK.

The first stop was the radio station. I had some business with Guy. Ally sat quietly while I conducted my business.

There was no one broadcasting from 2 to 3 while we were there. Ally was in the broadcasting studio on a previous occasion with her brother. I put the earphones on them and the mikes in front of them. She wanted to do it again yesterday.

I perched her on a stool, put the earphones on her and bent the mike to her level. Away we went! First, I interviewed her. She insisted she wanted to ask the questions. Away she went. Did a good job! A Katie Couric in the making!

Then to Walgreens. I had to pick up a prescription. We had to wait 15 minutes in line. Ally was good. She held my hand and just kept looking around.

Walgreens has a program I was not aware of. If you are there with a child, they give the child a coloring book. Added to Ally’s day!

I needed a few things at Publix. Ally was having a ball! So was I!

She said she wanted a cookie. At first I did not understand. She claimed that if we went over to the baked goods counter, they would give her a free cookie. A chocolate chip. Unless they were out. Then a sugar cookie.

We went. She walked right up to the counter. The baker asked what he could do for her. She said may I please have a cookie? With a huge smile, he gave her one. A chocolate chip!

I had promised to buy Ally cookies or candy because she had been so good. We did the cookie aisle. Did not turn her on. She was not into good health. So it as over to the candy aisle. She zeroed in on the M & Ms. We had to go through each kind. Pretzel ones, nut ones, etc. She finally decided on plain old fashioned chocolate ones.

I generally enjoy a Tic Tac. I was out. As we were checking out, I had Ally get me a pack. She likes them too. I have shared them with her in the past. After she put the Tic Tacs in the basket, she looked up at me and said, ” Poppa, you’re fun!” Made my day!

Enjoy your day!

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