Yesterday was a January mid winter Key West day like no other!

It was summertime!

Perfect weather! Warm, sunny with just a touch of humidity.

Today is the day! Friday! Friday means the Key West Lou Legal Hour. On the radio in Cuba and the Florida Keys. KONK 1500 AM. Available worldwide via the internet.

At 10 o’clock this morning!

Comments and revelations regarding this week’s news events. Like the $400,000 plus civil verdict involving voyeurism, a case that said it is ok to lie, Israel and a computer vurus that is screwingup the Iranian nuclear program, China and road tolls, Pakistan and the killing of new born babies, an Alabama governor reveals himself, Missouri and strip clubs, 100 plus mobsters arrested, Russian jails and tanning beds, an Afghanistan rights update, Yogi Berra, priests and pedohiles, Amanda Knox, lead, Texas feral hogs, and stoning.

Great topics! Interesting and thought provoking!

I took advantage of the great weather yesterday. Sat outside at the tiki hut by the water. Worked on today’s radio show. Watched the boats go by. Everyone took advantage of the day. Boats were visible on the horizon all day. People fishing and diving.

I even walked. A quick one along the Atlantic at Smathers Beach.

Donna and Terri are here. I did not see much of time. Terri had a rehearsal in the afternoon for her La Te Da show this week. Last night she had another and long rehearsal for the Key West Pops show Sunday night.

Donna and Terri shared an interesting happening with me.

Terri sang last Sunday night at Feinstein’s in New York. After the show, two guests approached Donna and Terri. They introduced themselves. Unfortuantely, my two girls cannot rermember their names. They said they read Key West Lou and were at Terri’s show because I had mentioned it.

Whoever you are, let me know. Thank you for reading me and visiting Terri. I am sure you were pleased with her performance.

It is a small world!

Jean Thornton! Are you out of bed yet? Jean is recoverio ng from leg surgery Monday. She reported on Facebook yesterday that she had a bell. To summon husband Joe when she needed him. I am sure a bell was not needed. Joe loves you so much! He was probbably on top of you all day! Well, not quite.

I am up early this morning because of the radio show. Still dark outside. Pitch black, except for the moon light. And what a moon! A full moon! Big and bright!

Again, my rado show at 10 this morning. Please join me, if you can.

Enjoy your day!

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