Like pea soup!

Strange weather. As I said last week when we were engulfed with fog, it is rare! About 5 times in 10 years. No one in Key West understands why. And it is back with us again this morning.

The weather yesterday was spectacular. In the 80s for the second consecutive day.

I played golf. Not a precise statement. I hit the ball. All over. In the woods, in the water, to the right, to the left. Everywhere but straight!

I tired quickly. Seems to be happening every time I play golf. I packed it in after 11 holes. I was beat and had no swing.

My weight is good. My body in the best appearing shape it has been in years. I doctor. Take my medications religiously. Gave up drinking and smoking. Why then am I tired so much?

I went to the doctor. My heart doctor. He thinks it might be the beta blocker. Too much. So he is cutting the dose in half. The beta blocker and my good living have reduced my blood pressure to a point where it is 110/60. Good! Low! There is room for it to go up a bit.

Lets hope the problem is the beta blocker. I have been spending more time in bed than out.

After the doctor, I did my Amazon Kindle legal blog. About Missouri and its attempt to close strip clubs. I was almost done and I lost it! I don’t know how. I must have hit the wrong button. The blog was no where to be found.

I was too tired to do it over. So I will redo it today. My apologies to those of you who subscribe to the legal blog.

I had dinner with Lisa and the family.

When I got home, I said screw it! I went to the refrigerator in the garage and took out the fruit cake. Yes, I did it! I had a peice of fruit cake! A small one. My mind needed it more than my body.

This does not mean the diet is over. Nor that I will consume more fruit cake today. I have plateaued. Still at 26 pounds. Don’t know why. I intentd to stay with the diet till I knock off those last 4 pounds.

I was too tired to go out last night. Missed Larry and Jenna and their show at the Bottle Cap.

Donna and Terri showed up around 9. Flew in from New York. They will be here till next thursday. Terri is a featured singer in the Key West Pops show sunday night.

It is good to have the girls back! Love them! They bring joy and warmth with them.

Donna and Terri shared with me an interesting story involving their trip.

When they got to the New York airport, they assumed they would go through the scanning device and then be gropped. As they were waitng in line to go through security, the group was devided in two. Some went through the x-ray scan and gropping. The other half went through security the old way. Walk through the arch. Donna and Terri walked through the arch.

They were disappointed. They had prepared for the gropping. Neither wore a bra. They were curious to see the security guard’s reaction.

Sometimes you just can’t win!

My concern, and theirs also, is that what happened to them is not the way to operate airport security. If we need scanning and gropping, then so be it. But do it to everyone. It seems dangerous to me to only do it to half the travelers.

Enjoy your day!

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    I try to write all my stuff in a text editor and cut'n'paste it where needed. Lost too much. Too often. But, I try to discipline myself to do it that way. The losses are too painful.

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