What a gorgeous day yesterday!


In the low 80s. Just enough breeze.

Slept with the windows open last night.

Fantastic weather for January! Unusual! January is generally Key West’s cold month. Perhaps it came early. December was cold cold! Remember how I complained!

My day yesterday started with the dentist. More prep work for the February invasion of my mouth. I am not a happy camper about what is to be.

Then I took a walk. My dentist’s office is on Simington, a block off the Atlantic. I left my car in the dentist’s parking lot.

Walked to Duval. Out on the pier. The beach was packed. So were the streets. People laughing. Tourists enjoying themselves.

Then to the Reach. Walked the Reach’s grounds. Followed it up by going through the Southernmost’s grounds. Stopped to say hello to Lisa. She was not in. And back to my car.

A 20 minute walk. No big deal. But nice. One problem, however. I got tired. I think it is my medications. I have a heart doctor appointment on monday and will discuss my suspicions with him.

Stopped at Publix on the way home. Needed a few things. Spent all of $12 and change. Think I buy little because I enjoy going to Publix so much.

Worked on the Amazon Kindle legal blog when I returned home. Took a walk back in history to Teddy Roosevelt.

Even though the walk in the morning tired me, I still went to the gym. A glutton for punishment! A little boxing and the tread mill did not bother me. I don’t understand.

Dinner last night was at Pepe’s. A long time since I have been there. Ate at the bar.

Pepe’s is the oldest restaurant in Key West. Very old. It is claimed the pirates of yesteryear used to meet there and plan their raids on the Spanish galleons.

My friend Jean Thornton is undergoing surgery in Atlanta this morning. Vein stripping. Good luck, Jean! Don’t talk too much after they give you the happy/laughing gas!

Jean is known as the Golden Girl. She and a friend, who is the other Golden Girl, dove many years ago with Mel fisher and found gold and jewels. Her life instantly changed!

Golf this morning. The weather will be perfect. Hope I do not tire after 9 holes.

Tonight, Larry and Jenna and their show at the Bottle Cap.

A good day ahead!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. you will be alright lou. have a great day. next time get the pork chop smothered steak at pepe's. awesome ! we take a to go order of there homemade gravy to go. yes we get weird looks. then we take it cross the street and order homemade handcut fries from B.O.'S and dip them in it. please try sometime, unreal. sunny and cold 47 in columbia,sc………..BYRDMAN

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