“There is no joy in Mudville…..mighty Casey has struck out!”

Syracuse lost last night! By 8 points. 74-66.

Pitt was the better team. Last night.

My analysis as to why we lost.

Our fabled zone defense failed. A rare occurrence. Pitt kept getting in the middle. Repeatedly. Two Pitt players at a time generally. The end result easy shots. Pitt spotted Syracuse’s weakness and capitalized on it. Big time! I was surprised Boeheim could not come up with a defensive strategy to thwart the situation during the half time.

A strange game. Pitt opened fast. All of a sudden Syracuse was losing 19-0. Then Syracuse came back. A big run, also. Seventeen unanswered points. Score now 19-17. Should have been an even game from that point forward. It was till the last 3 minutes when Pitt just blew us out. And Syracuse still hung in there!

Syracuse seemed to tire. Early on. I thought Syracuse played flat footed. A bit back on their heels. The zip was lacking. Unusual for Syracuse. They are athletes in the finest sense who can generally run up and down the court for forty minutes.

Our star player and high scorer Kris Joseph did not play. He is still recovering from a concussion. Not an excuse. But his not being in the line up does add to the mix.

I am sure Syracuse and Pitt will meet again. Perhaps in the Big East Tournament or March Madness. Whatever, the game would probably have a different outcome.

What a difference a day makes…..

The weather sucked yesterday. Rained most of the day. Last night also.

This morning is lovely! A sunny 76 degrees. Only a slight wind. The water moving along.

I intended to watch the basketball game at the Sports Page Bar. As I was preparing to leave, the wind and rain increased. Howling wind! From the west! I have never seen wind from the west in Key West. Additionally, the rain was monsoon type. Sideways and driven.

TV and the internet reported severe weather coming in. Wind gusts to 45 miles per hour. Possible flooding. I decided to stay in and watch the game at home.

In fact, I spent the whole day at home. It was that kind of day. Overcast and rainy. I occupied myself by writing some bits for Key West Lou Law. My Amazon Kindle legal blog. I also worked on friday’s radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

This Key West Lou monicker is expanding. It was not planned. It is just happening. I am also working on a book. Looks like we are going to have a Key West Lou series!

Enjoy your day!

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