A glorious Sunday yesterday!

Typical Key West!

I walked the Atlantic at Smathers Beach in the morning. Then took the sand chair out of the trunk of the car and sat on the beach for a while. Just me, the water and God.

The weather turned last night. It rained heavy all night. Woke me up several times.

This morning it is totaly overcast. More rain is predicted. The temperature however is 72 and will remain in that area all day. The rest of the week is projected as sunny and in the mid 70s. Great Key West weather for mid January!

Jenna showed up at 4. We had to work on Friday’s radio show. She is my producer. A smart woman. Educated and trained in the field of communications.

I dined alone at Hogfish last night. I like the word “dined” for dinner at Hogfish! I bought the Sunday New York Times on the way over. Me and the Times for two hours while picking at hogfish!

I caught the last half of the Jets game. What a turn of events from the last game. Terrific football!

Donna telephoned me from New York late last night. She wanted to tell me about Terri’s show at Feinstein’s. A hit once more! Packed house! Standing ovations!

Love you, Terri!

Today is a one event day. Only one thing of importance. The Syracuse/Pitt basketball game tonight! Two giants meeting! I have no idea who will win. Of course, I want Syracuse to win! But I have no prediction. This is a game of games. Two matched teams colliding.

Syracuse will not be at full strength. Leading scorer Josephs is sidelined with a concussion he received in Saturday’s game. Syracuse has a bench. Young, but a bench never the less. Lets see if they can step up.

I will be at the Sports Page Bar watching the game. Join me, if you can.

Enjoy your day!

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