Syracuse! Wowie! Big time basketball!

Syracuse decimated Cincinnati yesterday.

I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar. It was all alone by the telephone. I was the only one in the whole bar for the first half of the game. I was the only one watching the Syracuse/Cincinnati game at any time.

Whooped it up all alone!

Monday night is the game of games! Pitt!

Syracuse is undefeated and ranked #4 nationally. Pitt has only one defeat and is ranked #5 nationally. The winner may very well be the best of the best in the Big East!

The game yesterday was at noon. Afterwards, I walked Duval. The weather was perfect. Shorts wearing time again!

Duval was crowded with tourists. Every one appeared to be having a good time. There is something about Key West that brings out a special joy in people.

I have noticed a difference in the last two years on Duval. There are more ice cream shops. There were only two for years. I always wondered why there were not more. I concluded people preferred drinking to ice cream. I was wrong. There are now several ice cream shops and two gelato stores. All doing a thriving business!

I stopped at the Coffee House. A long walk there and eventually back. Sipped coffee and browsed the New York times.

When I returned home, I worked on yesterday’s Key West Lou Law blog on Amazon Kindle. The topic involved video voyeurism. Men sneaking pictures of naked women with hidden videos and cell phones beware! You can go to jail and/or have a healthy dollar award made against you. Just Thursday, a South Florida jury verdict came in for over $400,000 against a landlord who had a hidden video in his 27 year old female tenant’s bedroom.

Someone made me a gift of Kansa City steaks for Christmas. I am still eating them. So good! I stayed in last night and cooked a strip steak.

I also stayed in because I wanted to watch the Miss America contest. My desire in that regard begets my age. I have always found contests of this nature exciting. Not because of the bathing suit portion. Rather it is that these contests are life changing for the winners.

Last night a young lady of 17 won. She is from a town of 8,000 in Nebraska. Who knows what life will now hold for her. She may end up a movie star, a political leader, a corporate CEO or a house wife. Whatever, it is the beginning of the all American dream come true for her.

Sunday! My day!

Meet the Press! Don’s Place!

Jenna and I are meeting at 4. We will be working on Friday’s radio show. Afterwards, I am not sure what I will be doing.

Terri White! Star of stars! My friend! Tonight she appears at Feinstein’s in New York City. Break a leg again, Terri!

Terri and Donna return to Key West this week for a few days. Their bedroom awaits. It will be good to spend a few days with them again. Terri is performing this coming weekend with the Key West Pops. Then immediately back to New York City for more Feinstein’s and other engagements.

My Facebook friend Jim Brown is an oracle of wisdom. He sits out there on the island of Crete and writes these gems of wisdom. Wisdom? Some yes. Others just funny. Some, I am not sure. But special they are!

On Facebook today, Jim expressed one of his profound thoughts from his perspective. I share it with you as he wrote it. “…drunkenness is an amazing thing, u get to see things you want to see.”

Enjoy your Sunday!

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