My ears were cold on the golf course yesterday!

Sixty two degrees while we were playing. It was not the temperature so much. It was the wind. Brutal! So strong that on two occasions balls were moved by it while being putted. Once with Don and another time when Larry was putting. You could see an absolutely straight putt all of a sudden move 6-12 inches sideways because of a sudden gust.

We were all dressed for a Key West winter. Except I did not have a hat that could cover my ears!

I played with Don, Yankee Jack, Larry and Tino. Larry was the big winner. $17. I lost $4. But was not the big loser. Yankee claimed that fame yesterday!

As I write this blog at 8 in the morning, it is 53 degrees in Key West. The cold front will leave us over the weekend and temperatures will be close to 80 again.

I am a glutton for punishment. Went to the gym after golf. I had skipped a couple of days. My weight is down and I am becoming complacent. I am also sick of the diet. I am stuck at 26 pounds lost. I do not know if I can continue to 30. The diet has become an effort!

Last night was Syracuse basketball!

Syracuse handily beat St. John at Madison Square Garden. 76-59. Syracuse was just too good for St. John. That does not mean I was overly imnpressed with Syracuse. They missed too many easy shots. They also were not working the offensive backboard hard enough. Their defense was outstanding, as usual.

Syracuse has three tough games in a row coming up. Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Villanova. The next two weeks will tell just how good Syacuse is.

I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar. There were two other Syracuse fans. Don from Syracuse and Marty from Oneonta.

Kristan, where are you? You were not working at the Sports Page on Saturday when I was in. You were not there last night. Miss you!

After the game, I hurried over to the Bottle Cap. Larry and Jenna tme. I got there about ten minutes after the show started. A good show! Larry and Jenna’s exchanges are genuine and enjoyable. The best of the best last night were Peter and Holly Diamond. Great singing and dancing. Warm.

Petra continues to amaze me. She is talented and amusing.

I did not complete my Amazon Kindle legal blog on Somali yesterday. Sorry. Everything was going on at one time! I will publish it later this morning. Read about Somali where they speak with a forked tongue about their women and children.

Timing is everything.

I wrote on Kindle a couple of days ago about pedophelia. Since then there have been two reported child molestations in Florida alone. The first was a 4 year old boy in Miami that I spoke of yesterday. The latest involves a 4 year old girl from Lake Worth. She was raped! In a residential neighborhood. She was found afterwards walking the street in a state of shock. The culprit has not yet been identified.

Just how sick have we become as a society? Not just with child perversion, but in every respect. Across the breadth of our nation. I think we have a fever and sick stomach. Have recent events sufficiently shaken us up? Can we cure ourselves?

Only time will tell.

Enjoy your day!

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