We had it again at supper time last night.

Fog is foreign to Key West. A few days ago we had fog also. I wrote at the time that it was extemely rare. And then early last night, fog again! Big time! Pea soup! I could not see the MTV house 300 feet across the water!

I telephoned my son in law, Corey. Corey knows everything about the water. He is an archeologist, a diver. For over 25 years he has lived in Key West and searched Spanish galleons beneath the ocean.

Corey could not understand why the fog. Strange to him, also. He has seen it in Key West so few times in 25 years.

I might add the fog was also eerie. I was out on my deck. I expected Dracula to tap me on the shoulder!

Compounded with the fact yesterday was another absolutely beautiful day! 80 degrees. I went to the beach again. This time Smathers. I found a palm tree and settled in the shade beneath it. I brought my small laptop with me. I wrote/composed.

It is just before 7 this morning. Cold outside. Temperature 64 degrees. The projected high for today, also. During the night the temperature dropped to 52.

It never ceases to amaze me how the temperature can drop so dramatically. Twenty plus points in a matter of hours.

A cold front came in. It will be with us till the weekend.

After a couple of hours, the fog was beginning to lift. I decided to go to Hogfish for dinner. I thought what a beautiful sight it would be to see the fishing boats in the fog.

I was correct! The view from my table at Hogfish was magnificnet! A painting!

It was a bit damp. I had lobster bisque to warm up. Then some hogfish. And read yesterday’s newspapers.

Golf this morning. I will play. Sixty four is not bad golf weather. I shall dress for it. Long pants!

Tonight Syracuse basketball! I am into it! Seven o’clock at the Sports Page Bar. Syracuse plays St. John.

After the game, it will be over to the Bottle Cap to catch Larry and Jenna and the Larry Smith variety show.

Yesterday’s Amazon Kindle blog concerned itself with pedophelia. There have recently been many incidents. Some nut also wrote a book on how to safely practice pedophelia. Weird!

Anyhow, this morning’s news tells us about a 72 year old Miami man who was arrested yesterday for touching the personals of a 4 year old boy. The incident took place in the boy’s parent’s store. It was caught on a surveilence camera.

This type perversion has become an every day problem.

Today’s Amazon Kindle blog concerns itself with Somali and its treatment of women and children. Somali is located at the horn of Africa. There have been recent developments which are shocking. The Somalians preach one way to live but actually practice another. The government receives significant American dollars for a fraudulent way of life.

The Somalian Kindle blog is revealing!

Enjoy your day!

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