Radio show time!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour!

Ten this morning. KONK 1500 AM in the Florida Keys and Cuba. Worldwide for viewing on the internet at

It has been a big week news wise. A sad one in certain respects, also. Today’s show will discuss happenings from four continents. North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Far reaching and encompassing.

Join me! You will not be disappointed!

Yesterday I worked! At least it seemed like work. I thought I was back practicing law. It was that kind of day.

My work day started at 7 in the morning and finished at 7 in the evening. Non stop!

First the blogs. This one and the Amazon Kindle legal blog. I wrote both back to back. Consuming several cups of coffee in the process. All I need is a cigarette dangling from my lips and I will look like a writer.

Then the dentist. I have major dental work scheduled in February. Yesterday was a prep start. Took 2 hours! And I have to return later today for more.

I had a manicure scheduled. Had to cancel. No time.

Hit the gym. There definitely was need to relieve building tension.

By this time, it was 5 o’clock. Jenna and I were on the telephone till 7 fine tuning today’s radio show.

A full day. With no breaks in between.

Did I enjoy it? I don’t know. The day was not consistent with being retired. No naps, no Coffee House, no reading the newspapers.

I was hungry. It was after 7. I had missed lunch. What to eat.

I bought sausage at Publix the day before. Hot Italian sausage. It was on sale.

I have not had sausage in years. Being Italian, my former wife would occasionally cook it. In the oven in oil with potatoes and peppers.

I had a craving.

I cooked the sausage for dinner. What a mess!

I fried two pieces. Put a small amount of oil in the frying pan.

A disaster! Took forever! Oil splattered all over the place! Pan greasy! Stove top greasy! Floor greasy! Dish greasy! Silver ware greasy!

If you did not notice, greasy is the operative word.

Things got so bad, I sat down and laughed! I thought what an ass!

The clean up took a little while.

Oh, the sausage was excellent! Loved it! Next time, the oven.

I also decided along the way that perhaps I should write a book. Cooking in Key West! Part of the Key West Lou series. Ho ho.

This morning the radio show. Then the dentist again. Definitely a manicure.

At some point this afternoon, I will write my Amazon Kindle legal blog for the day. The site on Kindle is Key West Lou Law. Today’s subject matter I do not know. I have had no time to think about it!

Enjoy your day! Join me on the radio show!

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