Yesterday started with a 9 am meeting with Jenna. We fine tuned the Amazon Kindle legal blog.

Many of you have contacted me advising you were not able to purchase the Kindle blog. It costs all of $.99 per month. The problem was not the money. The buy button when pressed said the blog was not yet available.

The problem is at the Kindle end. They are aware and have assured me it should be resolved by the weekend. So if you are interested in joining me on Kindle, try again in a few days.

The problem was not uniform. Some have been able to purchase the blog.

I am glad that I am not the only one who has internet problems. Even the mighty such as Amazon screw up!

I also decided to change the name of the blog. Better to do so early on.

It took me several weeks to decided on the Tidbit name. Turns out it was too long for a number of reasons. The name of the Kindle legal blog henceforth is Key West Lou Law.

I like it better.

Afterwards, I was off for a haircut. Lori is back. She was in Maine for the holiday visiting her sickly mother. Lori tells me she got to spend an extra two days with Mom. The snow! And it was cold, cold, cold! She said it was impossible for her to keep warm! The thin blood thing.

I hit the gym next. Got rid of my frustrations hitting the bag.

Today is radio show time! The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. KONK 1500 radio. On the internet world wide at

I am excited! It has been three weeeks since I have done a radio show. The holidays got in the way.

Today’s show is interesting and timely! Things like Forida DUI checkpoints involving mandatory blood withdrawal, airport security, the Catholic Church, the dead who are not dead, an IRS agent pleads guilty to tax fraud, the Navy Captain debacle, Haiti rapes, a parole problem in Massachusetts, New Jersey high school students given a free passs in biology, and more. A WOWIE show!

Hope you can join me!

It rained off and on yesterday. Rained a lot last night.

I recall when I first visited Key West more than 20 years ago. Someone told me it never rained in Key West. I believed her.

That very same day, I was driving a rented convertible. I parked it with the top down. One of those typical Key West monsoons came up. When I got back to the car afterwards, there was several inches of water in the car.

Hertz was good about it.

Remember Jules? My bocce partner. She now lives in New Orleans.

She wrote on Facebook yesterday that she and New Orleans were celebrating Joan of Arc’s birthday. 599th! A big parade! It’s carnival season, she says.

Hope you enjoyed, Jules. We need you back here. The bocce team has not been the same since you left!

Enjoy your day!

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