Good morning everyone!

What a lovely day to be alive and living in Key West!

The sun is shining. An absolutely blue sky. A slight breeze. The water creeping along.

Yesterday’s radio show the Key West Lou Legal Hour was terrific! I am terrible! Giving credit to myself. But it was good! I enjoy doing it and I am glad you listen. I have already heard from Calitzdorp, South Afrrica, Milan, Italy and Crete, Greece with favorable comments for the show. Plus many of you from around the U.S.

Thank you.

I visited with Lisa after the radio show at her office in the Southernmost Complex. Love that girl!

Then walked over to the Coffee House. Sat and read the papers. Ran into some friends.

Carlos left Key West about six months ago. He is living with his Mom somewhere in north Florida. She is sickly and he is caring for her full time. A good guy. He is in Key West for the weekend. Gail stopped in also. It is part of her daily routine. First time I have seen her this year. We kissed and exchanged Happy New Year greetings. Gail is a tango enthusiast. Loves it! Spent the New Year’s eve in Miami tangoing.

The cupboard was bare again. I am always running out of food. Part of it may be my diet. My goal is 25 pounds. I am at 24! One to go! I buy little so I eat little. A mental thing.

I spent the afternoon researching and writing. Sounds like college English 101.

Love doing the Amazon Kindle blog also. Legal in nature. A kickoff from the radio show.

Many of you have communicated with me saying you are having difficulty purchasing it. I know. There is a problem. It is at the Kindle end. I spoke with them again yesterday and they assured me the problem would be rectified over the weekend. So…..wait till Monday and then go buy it!

Later in the afternoon, I went to the gym. By hook or crook, I am going to knock off that last pound! I have been on a high protein diet. No carbs. I am dying for carbs. Two things especially: a banana and some ice cream! I have visions of these sugar plums dancing in my head!

After the gym, I walked next door to Don’s Place. Had a couple of drinks. Water. Some nut out there who occasionally comments says I am a drunk. I do not even drink!

I am excited. At noon today, Syracuse plays Seton Hall in basketball. I will be at the Sports Page Bar watching the game. Hope Kristan is working. She was not there the last time I was in. I missed her.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Sad how there is always "some nut out there"…the world is full of lonely little people with nothing but time to waste.

    Enjoy the Keys today and live!!

  2. Hi Lou, I agree with the previous poster. Ignore the nut/troll. I guess that's probably how his parents learned to deal with him as well.
    Rich of Western Mass.

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