What a busy day yesterday!

I am too old to be so busy!

Started the day with a round of golf. Played with Don and Mark. Mark is here on vacation. A friend of Don’s. He is from Rochester.

Kurt showed up. He cannot play. He is having shoulder surgery on 2/3. Kurt became my driver and tutor. Kurt is one fantastic golfer!

I had a great front nine. Thanks to Kurt. The back nine was not the same. I tired. Big time. The back nine was a disaster!

I was the big winner at the end of the first nine. After the backside, I was the big loser for the whole round. It cost me $13.

The weather was perfect. A pleasure to play. Around 80. But with a cool breeze.

In spite of being tired, I am a discipline freak. I still went to the gym later in the afternoon. I lost another pound. Twenty three! Two to go!

Last night Kurt and I went out.

We started at Aqua. Bobby Nesbitt time. Kurt had never heard Bobby. He was impressed. A lot of friends milling about. Lynda, Bob, Tom, Mary Jo, Bill, June and more.

Then to La Trattoria for dinner. We ate at the bar. Erin bartending. No Becha. Her night off. I was disappointed.

I had a huge plate of mussels. Good for my diet! Delicious!

We finished dinner in time to catch Larry Smith’s variety show at the Bottle Cap. Larry and Jenna!

Their best show yet. The dialogue was crisp and moving. I enjoyed the song selections. Mary Deasy sang. Alec outdid himself.

Tino was videoing the show. Alec and Tino dive together. Tino plays golf. Alec does not.

Tino did not show up for golf yesterday. He went diving with Alec. That is why we were only a threesome.

When they got out on the ocean where ever they were going, they could not dive. The water was too murky. They could not see.

Tino’s punishment for skipping golf!

A good crowd for the show. Cheryl and Roger. Even Lee Ann. Except for bumping into Lee Ann once in the supermarket, I have not seen her in ages.

After the show, I dropped Kurt off at Don’s Place. I was shot! Headed straight home and to bed.

I have to hustle this morning. Jenna will be here at 9. She is helping me fine tune the Amazon Kindle legal blog.

Enjoy your day!

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