Fog this morning!

Like London! Thick!

Visibility less than a mile.

Unusual in Key West. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have experienced fog in the keys in the past 10 years.

In any event, it is still going to be a nice day. Once the fog lifts. Temperature projected in the low 70s.

Speaking of cold, you will recall I complained much about the weather in December. Many of you thought I complained too much. It was brutally cold! Yesterday’s Key West Citizen had a front page article on December weather. It was the coldest December on record! Average temperature was 62.9 degrees. 9.2 degrees below normal.

My complaining justified!

A big day yesterday! A tiring one also. I babysat from 10-3. It was hard work! I was tired when Lisa relieved me.

When I arrived at Lisa’s, Robert and Ally were waiting for me on the porch. With their golf clubs. For some reeason, they thought I was going to take them to the golf course. Monday would have been a bad day for them. Everything half price at the golf course. The course is packed!

I had promised last week that the next time I took them, we would actually play two holes. They love to ride on the golf cart!

I felt bad! They felt bad!

I took them in the back yard instead. Threw down the hoola hoop. Had them get their pitching wedges. They knew which club it was. And some balls. They practiced their pitching.

Sometimnes they hit the ball. Sometimes not. Ally was having difficulty making contact. She was coming down about a foot behind the ball. However, when they did make contact the back yard was dangerous. Balls were flying in every direction.

They tired. I tired. We went inside. We played with huge building blocks. Built all kinds of things on the living room floor.

Then it was break time. I had to do my Amazon Kindle legal blog. They put in a DVD.

Lunch was at Matthesson’s on White Street. Robert and Ally selected the place. They had hot dogs and fries. I had a salad. They wanted ice cream. Why not? Each had marshmellow ice cream in a cup. The ice cream was metallic blue. Ally had worms on hers and Robert bears.

I had promised to take them to the radio station. KONK 1500. It is only a few doors down from the restaurant.

The broadcasting booth was empty at the time. I took them inside. Sat them both down on stools. Each had earphones. Each a mike. I sat behind my mike with earphones on. Then I interviewed them.

They had a ball! It was the highlight of the day for them!

Then to Walgreens for me to pick up a prescription. They wanted me to buy them each a toy. I said no. You still have toys from Christmas you have not played with. They understood. Lisa is raising them well.

When we returned home, we played hide go seek. Ho ho! Fun! Ally was the best! She found a hiding place that I could not discover. Robert had to finally show me where she was. She was thrilled to have fooled me! I was thrilled that she figured out such a good spot to hide!

Lisa finally came home. I was exhausted!

Being a good boy, I headed to the gym.

Initially I wanted to lose 20 pounds. When I reached my goal, I opted to go for another 5. I have now lost 22 pounds. I have been at that level for a week. The last 3 pounds are not budging! A pain!

Jenna was to stop by at 5. She is helping me with the Amazon Kindle set up. I may be able to write. But mechanically I am a dud! It is a generational thing.

Jenna got tied up and did not arrive till after 6. We worked hard for a couple of hours.

Many of you have written or called asking how to get into Kindle. When you find my legal blog on the internet, it says not available. The reason is the blog is not obtainable unless you are signed up with Amazon Kindle or some piece of machinery that makes it available. There is a charge also. $1.99 a month.

We spent the time fine tunig the legal blog.

I spent weeks selecting a title. Came up with the Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day.

It does not work. Too long. I mention it on Twiiter and the title eats up half my 140 characters. It also is a mouthful. Too much.

So…..from this point forward the new name of the legal blog is Key West Lou Law. I like it better! Short and to the point! Fits!

I am changing the background. Presently too busy. Going to have larger font also. Make it easier to read. Friday is the day for the new showing. Till then I shall continue publishing under the original format.

Jenna left. I cooked a light dinner. And then to bed.

Yesterday’s Amazon Kindle legal blog was entitled: Bedroom Tales and Related Issues. A little sex never hurt. Sexual problems permeate the law. I covered some events in the news this past week and commented on them. Like fantasy sex and sex video tapes. I also wrote a shocking incest update.

The fog has lifted. Beautiful outside.

Enjoy your day!

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