A terrific morning!

The weather has taken a dramatic turn!

Warm, warm, warm!

As it should be!

Yesterday was a different Sunday for me. I skipped Don’s Place. Never made it to the Gardens.

I started the day with sad good byes. Donna and Terri left me to return to New York.

I was in the mood to do something different. I hopped in my car and drove north. To just over the Seven Mile Bridge.

The new bridge is constructed next to the old bridge. Half the old bridge is still open. To foot traffic. The old bridge is about 300 feet away from the new one and runs parallel to the new one.

I walked about 6 miles. Three over and three back.

The sensation and view are spectacular from the old bridge. You feel much more over the water than you are. Higher! Fishing boats all over the place. The air brisk and clean.

The best part is you can see traffic moving along the new bridge. The cars appear to be floating over the bridge. For real! And no sound. Everything silent. The sensation reminded me of the hot air ballon experience I recently had in Arizona.

Walking on the old bridge is like an Easter parade of old. Every one good morning and helloing each other.

A nice experience! Only the second time I have done it.

On the way home, I stopped at Boondocks for lunch. Bought a New York Times. Sat myself at the bar. Spent the next 2 hours enjoying leafing through the paper and picking on some food.

Last night around 7, I was hungry again. Headed over to Hogfisdh. A good Sunday night crowd.

I sat at the bar. Soon I was talking with some local fisherman who frequent the place. Hogfish sits in the middle of the shrimp fleet and other fishing vessels. My companions were genuine Key West fishermen!

I also chatted with the barmaid. A lovely lady from England.

Today will be exciting. I am babysitting. From 10 to 3. So I have to move my butt!

I am going to take Robert and Ally to the radio station. Let them sit with me in the broadcasting booth. Wear earphones. It should excite them!

Don’t forget to check out my legal blog on Amazon Kindle, if you can. The Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day. After only one week, I think I am going to try to change the name to Key West Lou Law. The Tidbit one is too long.

Yesterday I wrote on pardons: Pardons…..From theWhiskey Rebellion to Billy the Kid.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Fior an old geezer you sure frequent most of the bars in the Lower Keys. No wonder you have the reputation around town as 'LEGAL LUSH LOU' . Seriously —-do you have a problem? I think its time to stay out of the dives and step away from the bar stool old Lou. You aren't doing any good for your health or your readers.

  2. Moron –

    Read the blogs..he doesn't drink. His friends go to the bars, they drink (some don't) and he has a soda or water.

    Oh and he doesn't have the reputation of being the name you came up with. YOU have a serious issue though. 1:40 a.m. posting on this blog, taking half-ass'd shots at a popular writer. Get a hobby. Or better yet move out of your apartment and go up to Orlando and wait tables.


  3. Ah another barfly minimum wage grunt. I judge those by the company they keep and the dives they frequent. As a fifth generation Key West Conch I can assure you his nickname is known all over town by us local citizens. As for the name calling just look in the mirror and assess your piss poor life as I rake in the knowledge that you are stuck with your lot in life. And tell us all— does your mugshot on the police website do you justice or was it a bad night when they took it? Hmmmm…..

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