A lovely Key West Sunday in the making!

An absolutely blue sky. Not one cloud. Temerature already in the mid 70s. Water a deep blue. A slight breeze.

What could be better!

I am sitting outside at the tiki bar by the water as I write.

Today is a sad one. My house guests Donna and Terri are leaving. They have only been here six weeks! They came and forgot to go!

I am only kidding. I knew their visit was to be six weeks.

The girls have to be back in New York. Terri is starring in solo performances 3 out of 4 Saturday evenings this month at Feinstein’s at the Regency. A big deal engagement! New York’s premier supper club.

Donna and Terri will return sometime later in the month for a brief stay. Terri is performing one evening with the Key West Pops.

I shall miss them! They have been easy. Good guests. More like family. No problem. Kept me entertained a bit. Also made my life a bit easier. I now will have to wash the dishes again, wash clothes, arrange to have my gardens trimmed, clean up, etc.

Terri’s final show Live From Broadway was last night at La Te Da’s Crystal Room. I was supposed to attend. Did not. I have already seen it 3 times and heard it praticed on my deck a hundred times. I was tired later in the evening and went home instead.

The day is sad for another reason. Carolann from Michigan was to have arrived yesterday. This young lady has been counting the days till her return to Key West.

She is still in Atlanta!

She had to change planes in Atlanta. She reports two planes were struck by lightning there yesterday. So Carolann never made it to Key West.

Hopefully, she will arrive this morning.

We will be waiting for you at Don’s Place this afternoon, Carolann!

Big afternoon yesterday! Syracuse basketball!

Syracuse beat Notre Dame 70-58. A decisive victory!

The game was nip and tuck till the middle of the second half. Then Syracuse blew Notre Dame out with a big run.

I know it is early in the Big East season. But I am not afraid to say this is a good basketball team again this year. Syracuse’s defense is more outstanding than usual. And Syracuse has a bench. Finally! Boeheim normally plays with seven guys. This year he has ten. Wow!

He is substituting freedly and wisely. By the end of the game, Syracuse was juiced up and on their toes. Notre Dame was flat footed.

I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar. I could not believe all the people. College bowl games! All the big TVs were in use for the bowl games.

I panicked. Found Patrick the owner. What about the Syracuse game? At that point I was the only one interested in watching it. He took me to the back of the bar and pointed to a small screened set in the corner. That was all he could provide. No problem from my end. At least I would get to see the game.

Don and Chris from Syracuse showed up. By prearrangement. We watched the game together.

I like Don and Chris. Good people! They visit Key West several times a year.

Prior to the game, I made a quick stop at the Chart Room. Wished Michael a Happy New Year.

I was supposed to babysit after the game. Lisa and Corey were going to a party.

As I walked through the door, Lisa announced my services were no longer required. Robert had upchucked twice and she was not going out.

I hung with the family for a couple of hours. Robert improved as the evening progressed. Ally will probably be sick today. That is how it goes.

I had intended to shower and change clothes at Lisa’s in order to attend Terri’s show. For whatever reason, I was tired. So instead I went home.

Someone gave me a box of Omaha steaks for Christmas. I cooked a strip steak for myself last night. Wow! Was it good!

The game plan for today is Don’s Place in the afternoon and the Gardens tonight. Hope I make it to the Gardens!

Lisa just telephoned. Robert is ok. Ally well. They are going to the beach.

That is life in Key West!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. I have noticed that your grandkids are sick a lot. Which seems unusual in such a warm climate. But now after reading about Robert being sick last night (when Mom is going out for the night) but fine today, it reminds me of my grandkids.

    They can turn on and off sickness, based on their stress. They can create a fever just because their normal schedule is changed. They can throw up at the drop of a hat, and exhibit other "deathly ills". Which magically disappear when they get their way.

    Such are little kids.

  2. In a tourist town, kids get sick from all the germs brought in by those on cruise ships, vacation renters and just due to the climate and the very hard, very chemical laced water here in Key West. Most of us only drink bottled water here – the tap is just too full of impurities and about 15 to 20 percent salt water. Add to this the changing climate with colder than normal temps, it is a wonder we all aren't sick all the time. But hey – we have Dengue Fever, West Nile Virus and all those other lovely diseases running rampant at all time in the Florida Keys. Ever been stung by a scorpion? How abbot bit by a rattlesnake? Or stung by a fire ant? Or taken the burning itch from poisonwood? No? Then come on down and try it – you will find these and much more in the Florida Keys. Ain't paradise grand?!

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