The lunar eclipse!

I woke in the middle of the night and walked onto the terrace outside my bedroom. There it was. The moon. Dark red. Spectacular! Magnificent! Awesome!

Mother Nature at her best.

I stayed outside less than a minute. The temperature was somewhere in the 50s. I was wearing next to nothing.

Yesterday was busy for me. A lot of nothing. But things one has to do.

I spent the better part of the morning with my internest. Then a two hour business meeting at noon. Followed by a visit to the heart doctor.

In between, I stopped at Publix to pick up a few additional things. They had fruit cake!

That was my day up to 5.

It tired me out. I stayed in again last night. Too tired and too cold to go out.

While at Publix, I ran into Alan Wimer. I have not seen Alan in quite a while. We both have lost weight. We stood in the vegetable section complimenting each other.

As we were talking, a woman in one of those electronic carts came wheeling by. We were blocking the aisle. We moved our carts so she could proceed.

Alan is a joker. A natural born comedian. Always means well, however.

As the lady drove by us, he commented how people have to be careful of female drivers.

The woman was not in a joking mood! She took the comment wrong. She spoke nasty to us.

A haircut this morning. Lori time! It was Lori time at Publix also. I came around a corner and there she was!

I am beginning to worry. I used to enjoy going out in the evening and raising hell. Now I tend to stay in. Instead my pleasure is going to Publix in the afternoon.

Party time tonight! Larry and Christine are having a Christmas bash at their home. I will be there!

View some interesting legal bits from my 12/10/10 radio show The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Lou,

    Hope you don't stay in every night this week, my wife and I are in town for a week and we were hoping to run into you at one of your local haunts.

    We were thinking about the Bottle Cap tomorrow night for Larry's show. Will you be there?

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