A quiet Sunday yesterday.

Except for going out to buy the Key West Citizen and New York Times, I never left the house.

I read, napped, watched TV and wrote. That was my day.

Actually, I enjoyed it. I must have needed it.

Even my house guests Donna and Terri were no where to be found. They left at around 10 in the morning. I heard them come in about 3 this morning.

My only disappoinment is that I missed the Christmas show at St. Paul’s Church. It is an annual event. Always good. All the locals turn out for it. The Church is packed. Christmas fills the air. Everyone Merry Christmasing each other.

I acomplished one important thing yesterday. I arranged for Santa Claus to visit my grandchildren. He visits them evey Christmas eve. Generally with his elf Billy. Robert and Ally have come to expect his visit.

I had forgotten to schedule Santa this year. Fortunately, I remembered yesterday!

Reggie Jenkins is my Santa Claus. And a good one he is! He actually looks like Santa 365 days a year. Beard and all!

There is a lunar eclipse tonight. Apparently a big deal. It will start just before 2 in the morning and last 72 minutes.

If I wake, I will see it. Otherwise, not.

I have a doctor visit at 9:30. My internest. After 65, doctoring is common and frequent. I have concluded that is why people retire. To have time to visit their doctors!

Enjoy your day!

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