Good morning!

Happy Sunday!

Lovely outside. Sun shining. Not a cloud in the sky. Pure blue. Matches the water. A slight breeze.

Presently 66 degrees. Going to 70.

Another great Key West day in the making!

There is an egret, egret, whatever way you spell it, sitting on a corner of the roof of the MTV house across the way. Tall and white. Majestic!

Since I slept late yesterday morning, I stayed in for a while and wrote. The mood was upon me.

I did some research also. I was curious as to the origin of Sant Claus. Wow! Confusing! There is no consistent tale of from whence he came. Tons of fantasies, history and tradition. No precise answer, however.

My radio show for 12/10/10 is available for demand viewing 24 hours a day. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Revealing, challenging and opinionated. Take a look.

It was the weekend. I was lazy. So I skipped the gym.

I had purchased some pre Christmas gifts for the grandkids. I took them over in the afternoon. A special tree decoration for Robert and one for Ally. A Christmas book for them to read. They love reading! And two CDs. One was the Twelve Days of Christmas.

The CDs cost me a dollar a piece. No big deal!

The Twelve Days of Christmas one was a find! Magnificent filming! But what made it the best was the background singing by Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and Louis Armstrong. Nostalgic!Terrific!

I was at Lisa’s to help, no, to watch, them decorate the tree. They were too slow. Never got to it. So I left.

I had Christmas shopping to do. For Lisa and Corey. I can’t tell you what I bought. Then they would know. They obviously read this blog every day. But will they be surprised! Especially Lisa!

The cupboard was empty again. I was off to Puiblix.

People happy. The Christmas spirit was obvious.

I wanted to buy a fruit cake. Publix has been displaying small ones for two weeks. Yesterday was the day for me to purchase one. Good luck! They were sold out!

In between all this running around yesterday afternoon, I treated myself. A pedicure and manicure. With Tammy at Lee Nails. Relaxing!

I spent the evening in. Watched TV. Fell asleep early.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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