Key West weather is back to normal.

Yesterday’s high was 77 degrees. This morning it is already 76.

I slept late this morning. Did not get up till 10. Very unusual for me.

Yesterday started with my radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. A success! The best part of the show turned out to be the 20 minute interview I did with Donna and Terri. The issue: discrimination. All sorts. As it impacted them personally. Being black, Lesbian, same sex marriage and Broadway. An eye opener! These girls lived it!

I did the gym a bit in the afternoon. My weight loss is still at 19 pounds. One more to go.

Did some Xmas shopping. More looking than anything else. Though I did buy Robert and Ally each a Xmas ball for the tree. Good ones. Something that will be theirs and they will hopefully hang the rest of their lives. And remember each time Poppa.

There is a new lady in town! Her name is Shauna Lee Lange.

Shauna has now resided here for all of three weeks. With her husband and 3 year old son. Key West is now home to them.

Shauna hails from the Washington, DC area. A former government emplyee. She operates a business in Washington that counsels and helps women and girls. Called Be Wholly You. She will be operating a similar business here in the Florida keys.

I met Shauna via Facebook some time ago. We hooked up last night and met face to face for the first time.

I figured I might as well break her in properly. I had her meet me at the Chart Room. She loved it!

Then to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner.

John was all excited. His Wisconsin football team ended the season ranked #5 nationally. They will be playing in the Rose Bowl. He went through the scenerio for me as to who had to win and lose for Wisconsin to end up #2 after all the bowl games. John is really into it!

Shauna is an interesting lady. I suspect she may quickly become a Key West fixture.

We split after dinner. I headed over to Don’s Place.

A good crowd! Don, Kurt, Herschel and Erica. Met Tara. A bartender/waitress at Sloppy Joe’s.

Pat O’Brien was also hanging out at the bar. Pat is a new found friend. About 2 weeks. He is a close friend of Kurt’s.

Pat hails from somewhere up north. He same to Key West a few weeks ago to apply for a license to sing on the streets. He is a troubador. He wanted to earn a living walking Duval with his guitar and singing.

I told Pat, “Good luck!” There are very few licenses. It is a lottery draw and very few are given out.

Guess what! Pat got one!

Last night had been his first on Duval. He was excited!

I rarely computer chat. Hate it! But last night I did. Pati Wilson-Crimins was on looking for me. Pati is a former Key Wester now living in Arizona. She is the reason I ended up sleeping late this morning.

There is a pre-US premier movie Tuesday night at the Tropic Cinema. A fundraiser.

The movie is about Yasuni. Yasuni is the national forest of Ecuador. It is inhabited by natives/indigenous people. They know not the civilized world.

Underground oil in large supply has been discovered in the Yasuni. If drilling is permitted, these people from another time will he hurled into the 21st century.

The fundraiser is to raise monies to combat the drilling.

The major activity ahead for me today is Xmas tree decoration at Lisa’s. Lisa and the grandkids want me there. I hate decorating the tree. But I have agreed to sit nearby and encourage them.
And watch Robert and Ally hang the two special balls I purchased for them.

Enjoy your day!

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