What a diference a day makes…..

Yesterday afternoon the temperature was a warm 74 degrees! The day before a cold 54!

A 20 degree swing in 24 hours.

Common in the Florida keys. A cold front arrives suddenly. And leaves just as quickly. When it is time.

Today’s high is projected at 75. Terrific!

It was shorts and tee shirt yesterday. Will be the same today.

I have a Facebook friend in Crete, Greece. Jim Brown. We have been communicating for more than a year. He is a musician, father and grandfather.

Crete is an island. As Key West is. Except it is much colder there right now. Jim wrote the other day that the island was experiencing biblical storms. The wrath of God!

Jim picked up on my comment about lying in the sun a couple of days ago working on my tan when the temperature was in the 50s. I had a few ho hos after the comment.

Jim must be on centegrade rather than fahrenheit. He thought I was bragging about how warm the weather was! Chastised me a bit.

I wrote and set him straight, of course.

The gym yesterday afternoon. The bag. I beat the hell out of it. Good exercise! Helps to relieve the tensions!

Last night my dear friend Terri White was performing at La Te DA. I had dinner at the outside bar befoe the show. Then walked upstairs to the Crystal Room to enjoy Terri.

She was magnificent!

What a voice!

What lungs!

She gave me goose bumps with songs like Nobody Knows You When You Are Down and Out, Me and My Shadow and Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

Her rendition of I’ll Be Home for Christmas brought the house down! Not a dry eye in the room. Even I shed a few tears.

My radio show this morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. On the radio in the keys and Cuba. KONK 1500 AM. Better yet, the show can be seen and listened to on the internet world wide. www.konkam.com.

Join me for a review of this week’s intertesting topics. Plus a special treat. I have guests for the final two segments. Donna Barnett and Terri White. We are going to discuss all kinds of discrimination.

Enjoy your day!

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