I lay by the pool yesterday working on my tan.

What a joke! The temperature never got out of the 50s!

I stayed in most of the day bundled up.

It is 55 degrees this morning. Going to get better though. A high of 70 is predicted for today.

I spent most of the day working on Friday’s radio show and writing.

Tomorrow’s show has many timely topics. Like incest. Can you believe! It is in the news! From Columbia University to Switzerland! One of the issues is the legalization of incest.

We live in a crazy world!

Other topics include the military officer who refuses another deployment to Afghanistan because he is a birther, Iran angered at the US because we refer to the area they are in as the Arab Gulf rather than the Persian Gulf, the Indonesian Catholic who is beat up because of her religion, airport security, the federal judge who found part of the health care bill unconstitutional and now it turns out he may have had a conflict of interest, Amanda Knox’s Italian appeal, the Indian boy who brought a religious dagger to class, a jilted bride who is suing her fiancee for damages after he dumped her, $30 million of Vatican assets seized by the Italian government, and more.

In addition to all of the above, I have two guests who I will be interviewing on the last two segments of the show. Terri White and Donna Barnett. I intend to zero in on the discrimination in their lives. Being black, being gay, being a woman and same sex marriage. You have no idea! Or, maybe you do.

Join me at 10 am tomorrow. Listen on the radio in the Florida Keys and Cuba on KONK 1500 AM. Watch and listen world wide on the internet at http://www.konkam.com/.

I skipped golf because of the cold. It was 48 degrees. Turns out I was the only one who failed to show up. I received many criticaal phone calls later in the day chastising and otherwise making fun of me.

I did hit the gym later in the afternoon. Good health is important. I am proud to report that I have lost 19 pounds in the past two months. I started a diet while in Phoenix. A couple of more pounds and I am done. Just in time for Christmas!

Dinner was at Lisa’s last night with the family.

Lisa had made some Christmas cookies. Robert and Ally helped her. They were eating them after dinner. It killed me! I wanted one desperately!

I had intended to go to Larry Smith’s show at the Bottle Cap at 9. Dinner was over at 6. Too long between the two. And too cold! I went home to my warm bed instead.

Spoke with Jenna this morning. She tells me the show went over well. A good crowd. Christmas caroles and rock ‘n roll. A Key West combination!

Tonight is a big night! For Terri White! She appears live at La Te Da’s Crystal Room at 9. The show is called Live From Broadway. Go see her! You have no idea the quality of her performance. You will be glad you joined her.

The spouses are both working tonight. Donna is showing her jewelry at the Stone Soup Gallery on White Street. Part of the Walk on White tonight. The showing is from 6-9. Beautiful pieces.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. May I suggest that you update your 'lingo' about the Army Officer, who's refusing deployment?

    You called him a "birther". Which means that he disputes that Obama was born in the USA.

    Now, while that is a perfectly good concern, (as a lawyer, you must know about 'evidence'), it doesn't accurately describe the fellow's position.

    He's a "proof-er".

    He, like I, have not seen "evidence" that Obama satisfies the Constitutional criteria to be President.

    Sure, we've heard a lot of lips move, and websites pontificate. But evidence?? Hardly.

    See, imho, the most telling fact in this whole debate is that Obama and his supported have spent literally millions to prevent any disclosure of his "paper trail".

    Why is that?

    So, us, "proof-ers", say we just don't know.

    Perhaps a small distinction, but we want Key West Lou to be "hip".


  2. Bravo Jasper John. Also, Lou, please STOP talking about your damned weather. There are people dying on the roads above the Mason Dixon Line during this stretch and you're pissed because you're under your snuggie all day. I need to move away from this stale bread for a while. Freshen up KWL. See you in a month for an update.

  3. We have no proof that you have more then two braincells colliding in a void either and we're not sending you into outer space. Well yet, anyway.

  4. Why not talk about the weather?

    It is the source of topic in Key West.

    As for Lou Lou, he will NEVER be hip – just a dirty old man lying about living in Key West when his house is for sale on Key Haven and he left his wife up north for some jail bait in Key West.

    We love to laugh at this on the island and the 'haunts' that old Lou frequents are a seedy gym and and even seedier bar. So much for living in Key West.

    No wonder we feel sorry for this pathetic old fart on the island – we true Conch's are just laughing our asses off at his ridiculous behavior and drunken ways.


  5. hmmmm? Where do I begin my Anonymous island dweller? Lou as dirty old man or his haunts as "seedy"? Up until this point I didn't think that KW had any ASSHOLES in residence…I see I'm wrong.

    Lou enjoys the company of ladies, old and young. Are you a hetero.. phobe? Need a little help in the "get it up" arena? Don's seedy? Is there any bar in KW that isn't a little seedy. That's the charm of the place why would I spend this much money in K-Mart? "…we true Conchs" would NEVER generate this kind of foul vituperation. KW is all about doing your own thing. Even when assholes like you are involves.

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