On behalf of Key West and the Florida keys, I want to thank our northern friends for sharing their weather with us!

Today is the best! At the moment, it is 48 degrees!

I spent as much of yesterday as I could in bed. Not because I was tired. Because it was warm. My second floor is heated, the first is not.

I did go to the gym later in the afternoon. Worked out hard. Never broke a sweat. Too cold.

Jenna arived by prearrangement at my home at 5. We worked on Friday’s radio show.

When we finished, we went to La Trattoria for dinner. I should have called for a reservation. The place was packed. Erin said no room at the bar for at least an hour. People standing around for a table. I walked over to Becha an quietly asked if I could have a table for two. In moments, we were seated. Besides prompt attention, I also got a hug and kiss.

I was home by 9:30. Drove by Don’s Place on the way home. Saw Rob and Bebe at the bar. Was going to stop for a drink. Then I thought…..too cold! So I went directly home.

Poor Terri. She has a bad toothache. Dentist has her on antibiotics. She is going crazy. He can do nothing till the infection goes away.

Terri has a show tomorrow night at La Te Da’s Crystal Room. Live From Broadway! A rehearsal today. She will do it all. And no one will know. She is a trouper. The show must go on.

Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is golf day. Not for me today. Too cold! I chickened out. The rest of the group is playing.

I remember golf in the spring up north. We were all desperate to play. It was still cold. The snow had disappeared just a few days before. But…..we had to get out on the course!

My cut off temperature wise was 50 degrees. It had to 50 or better. Otherwise, I would not play.

I applied the 50 degree rule this morning.

Lisa is doing a good business for Christmas with her internet department store Via Key West. www.viakeywest.com. Take a walk through her store on your computer. You might find some interesting Christmas gifts to purchase.

Tonight is the Larry Smith Variety Show at the Bottle Cap. At 9. Larry and the lovely Jenna hosting. Christine and Kathleen singing Christmas caroles. Ray guest appearing with his crazy electronic guitar.

A show worth seeing! If the cold keeps you in, you can view the show on the internet at www.konkam.com.

Enjoy your day! Stay warm!

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  1. It is cold now and will be with us till Chirstmas.

    So much for a warm tropical paradise – I should have stayed in New England!

    Next year I will plan my vacation closer to the time I want to be here so I know what the weather will be and pack accordingly.

    Had I known this weather would be so cold, I would have brought my down coat and mittens! It is colder here than in Boston due to the winds accross the water.

    I am so glad my hotel has heat but this is ridiculous weather for Key West!

  2. You can't predict the weather anywhere so why bother? Just bring enoigh for the season and remember winter occurs in Key West just like the rest of the US. It just seems to start earlier each year and last longer than ever before. Global Warming?!

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