Another beautiful Key West day!

Appearance wise.

Sun shining. Blue sky. Everything bright.

But cold! Colder! Coldest!

62 degrees. High today 63. Low tonight 50. 40s predicted for tomorrow night.

Wind! 40 miles per hour. My pool has waves!

Strange weather!

All week it was cold. Yesterday started out warm. Mid 70s. Tee shirt and shorts weather. Then the new cold front started coming in. Just like that. It will be with us all week.

Still better than the snow and minus weather up north!

I spent yesterday morning in bed watching Meet the Press and Chris Matthews.

The afternoon was Don’s Place for pro football. Everyone there. Don, David, Tino, Tom, Nancy, Steph, Kurt, Angus, and more.

Then to Lisa’s.

Robert was at a friend’s house playing. Corey upstairs on the computer. Lisa and Ally making Xmas cookies.

Ally was all excited. She was putting the sprinkles on the cookies. She proudly offered me one. Delicious!

I stayed a while and read the Sunday papers.

Then to Walgreens and Publix.

Jennifer works in the drug department at Walgreens. She also plays bocce. On Thursday evenings, as I do.

Jennifer’s team made the playoffs, as Larry Smith’s did. With the same result. They were wiped out! Jennifer said the experience was horrible! I told her there always was next season. This was the first time Jennifer’s team had made the playoffs. She should be proud of that fact alone.

By dinner time, the cold front was in. I decided against going out. Missed the Gardens again!

Worked on next Friday’s radio show a while. Then a light dinner and off to bed.

Enjoy your day! Stay warm, where ever you are!

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  1. FreeZe warnings in Miami and even Florida City tonight.

    FROST chance in Key Largo which is unheard of before now,

    Record cold in the rest of the FL Keys with lows in the 40's tonight,

    Gale force winds and rain today.

    Predictions for a much colder winter here in Key West and it has started earlier than ever.

    Want a warm tropical paradise? Come with me to Hawaii where record numbers of tourists are expected this winter due to the predicted unseanably cold winter predicted for all of south Florida.


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