A lovely Sunday morning!

Sun shining. Sky blue with an occasional white cloud. Very little breeze. Water calm.

But it is still cold! 62 degrees!

I did a lot last night.

Jenna came by at 5 for a prearranged meeting. We worked on next Friday’s radio show. I have graduated. She is now my producer.

Then we were off to the Chart Room. Michael bartending. People coming in and out as they worked their way to the Pier House deck to watch the boat parade.

Mick Barnes and his charming wife walked by. Mick and I talked a bit. I like Mick. A down to earth guy. One of Key West’s premier attorneys.

Jenna and I then headed to the Sports Page Bar. Syracuse v. Colgate.

We had dinner and watched the game.

Kristen was bartending. A lovely gal! Owner Patrick was there. We exchanged pleasantries. He found the Syracuse game for me.

A disaster for Colgate. Final score had Syracuse winning 100-43. We left at half time when the score was 50 something to 8. The game was boring. I felt bad for Colgate.

Although I had not intended to watch the boat parade because of the cold, we walked over to the outer deck of the Pier House to take a look. I have seen many boat parades. Always from a boat. Jenna had never seen one.

The deck stuck out on the water. We lasted all of five minutes. The cold wind was cutting. Jenna agreed I was wise to have given away my boat tickets last night.

Cold or otherwise, the boat parade was lovely. As usual. Boat owners go crazy with the Christmas decorations! Just like on homes! A sight to behold!

We walked by the Wine Galley. Larry was playing. The place was packed with customers. People smartly watching the boat parade from inside the bar. We said hello to Larry and waved to Kathleen and Christine. And our friends from England, John and Ellie.

It was a little after 8. We had done all that in about 3 hours. It was time to take Jenna home. Which I did.

On the way to my home, I stopped at Don’s Place.

Nicky was bartending. A lovelier bartender one could not ask for! Kurt sitting around. He was to go on duty at 9. I chatted for a while with Kurt and David. Karen gave me a hug and kiss. David and Karen leave Wednesday for a couple of weeks in Paris and other parts of France.

I made one last stop on the way home. Lisa’s.

Ally was sick yesterday. A temperature. 103.4.

When I arrived, Alley’s temperature was down to 101. She was active and well. Like nothing was wrong with her. Lisa reports this morning that she barely has a temperature. So whatever came is almost gone.

I definitely will watch Meet the Press this morning. And then Don’s Place for some pro football followed by the gym. Then a visit to Lisa’s. Will I make the Gardens this evening? I am not sure. I seem to fade as the day gets longer.

My friend Ray is Larry Smith’s guest performer tonight. The Wine Galley at 9. Ray is a good guy and a hell of a musician. He plays some crazy type guitar and blows the room out with his music. A good place to be this evening.

I hope I make Ray’s show!

Oops! Almost forgot! Cheryl and Roger. Ran into them in the Chart Room. From Kankakee, Illinois. Good people, good friends.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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