56 degrees.

‘Nuff said!

Syracuse basketball! Back!

I watched my first Syracuse basketball game of the new season last night. Syracuse v. Michigan State. At the Sports Page Bar.

The game was played on a neutral court. Madison Square Garden. Syracuse won decisively. 72-58. It was Syracuse all the way!

I was surprised. Syracuse was 8-0 going into the game. Ranked #7 nationally. But had only beaten non entity teams so far. And by close margins.

Michigan State was ranked #8. A battle of giants. Syracuse’s first true test.

Michigan State’s great coach Tom Izzo said it correctly after the game. He “…felt like the New York Jets.” He also observed that his team had been “…manhandled.” Said respectfilly. His best line was something to the effect that his team did not play like blue collar workers on the inside.

Jenna watched the game with me. A good person to have by your side for an athletic event. She is a professional TV sports broadcaster. Or was till the recession caused her to lose her job.

I received an e mail yesterday from Don. Don lives in the Syracuse area and is, of course, a Syracuse die hard fan. He told me he and Chris would be back just before New Years and could not wait to join me at the Sports Page Bar. By mid January, I will be sitting with 15-20 Syracuse fans for each game!

My day yesterday started with a haircut. Lori time. Always a good time!

Then to the gym. Cold in the gym. Impossible to raise a sweat.

Afterwards, I had some time to kill. So I started my Xmas shopping. Just looked. Visited a few stores. Xmas shopping places one in a festive mood. I felt good when I was done.

It was manicure time. Visited Tammy at Lee Nails. Lori and Tammy in one day! Wonderful!

Tammy and her husband work hard at their business. It is thriving. They are experiencing the American dream. Good for them! Hard work sometimes still does have its rewards.

I returned home to some more writing. Got bored. Decided to return to the gym. Hit the bag for a while.

This morning golf! I will start play in the mid to high 50s and probably finish in the mid 60s. Temperaturewise, that is. Not scoring. Tiger Woods I am not! I will dress for the weather. Long pants, a shirt, sweatshirt and jacket. That way I can peel as I go along. If the weather permits.

Enjoy your day where ever you are! Stay warm!

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