Good morning!

From cold Key West!

Mid 50s.

To all my friends north, it is worse! Hang in there. Spring is only 4 months away!

I turned the heat on last night. First time.

Kurt telephoned me yesterday morning. He needed a ride into Key West. He had left his car at Don’s Place.

I took him and then stopped at the gym to work out. There was another young lady in the gym. Attractive. Tiny. Slender build. Mid 20s. And she was lifting barbells/pressing.

Puts me to shame! However I have neither the inclination nor desire to try what she was doing at my age. Boxing and the treadmill are enough.

After working out, I walked next door to Don’s Place for water. My oasis on Truman Ave. Kurt was sitting at the bar. So was Tommy. I had two glasses of water and read the morning papers.

I stayed in during the afternoon. It was warmer than being out. Did some writing and took a nap.

Last night was dinner at Outback. With Donna and Terri. Always fun when we are together.

Outback was packed. People waiting for tables. A favorite locals’ place.

Donna and Terri went out after dinner. They were heading for the Monkey Bar.

I went to Lisa’s to visit. The grandkids were already asleep. Chatted a bit with Lisa and Corey. Lisa was freezing. She was all wrapped up in a blanket.

This morning I have a haircut with Lori at 10. Then the gym.

Tonight I return to Syracuse basketball. Syracuse is 8-0. I have not seen them play yet this season. Tonight I will. They play Michigan State. I shall watch the game at the Sports Page Bar.

Last friday’s radio show available on demand at Take a look!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Well duh Lou—mid 20's lass is just the age to be your GRANDDAUGHTER or even GREAT-GRANDDAUGHTER! Way too much for you dude! Way to prove you are a dirty old man! Hey if she was in her 40's she is still jail bait to you! LOL!

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