Happy Saturday!

Sushining here in Key West. Not a cloud in the sky. But…..cold! 65 degrees. I appreciate that those of you up north living in under 30 degree weather and already covered in snow laugh when I say it is cold. I ask you to understand however that one week ago it was in the mid 80s. The drop is sudden. The impact felt.

I know. Stop being a cry baby, Louis!

Yesterday’s radio show went well. The most popular issues based on post show comments were the Somali pirate trial and the Oklahoma/Sharia Law issue.

I am concerned about the Oklahoma/Sharia Law issue. It is presently in the hands of a federal judge. I am fearful of an ill advised decision.

The lovely Stephanie Kaple guested on the show during the last segment. Love her! We did a bit on airport security and safe clothes to wear. Stephanie was knowledgable. It was a pleasure sharing the time with her.

I went over to Lisa’s after the show. Had lunch with her. Corey was home. He was packing his diving gear. Wet suit included.

I asked him how he could dive when it was so cold. Both the air and water. He pointed to the wet suit. Told me however that he would still feel the cold.

Corey had lectured at the college in the morning. In the afternoon, the students were joining him on a diving exploration of a Spanish galleon sunk in Key West harbor.

I talked with Corey on the telephone afterwards. He said they were into a school of dolphins during the dive. Awesome, he advised.

I spent most of the afternoon home. Inside! Too cold for me out on the deck. Not Terri. She was in her usual place on the deck under the tiki hut. The woman is indestructable!

Later in the afternoon, I headed over to the gym. A little boxing. The black bag and I have become good friends. Followed the boxing with 15 minutes on the treadmill.

Last night was a most enjoyable evening! Dinner at Michael’s with Jenna. A long slow meal with much conversation.

Today is a big day! No question.

At noon the bocce playoffs. Larry Smith’s team made the playoffs. We are all going over to lend moral support to Larry’s team.

This season end tournament is the best of the best! Some teams have played together for years. They are extremely experienced. Their every roll true.

I wish Larry and his team well.

Tonight the xmas parade! 7 pm. I will be watching it with Lisa, Corey and the grandkids from a curb on Truman. Robert and Ally are all excited. Besides great floats and Santa Claus, the candy thrown to the kids from the floats is overwhelming. Each child will walk away from the parade with a smile and a large bag full of goodies.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Like the blog. I'm trying to talk my wife into moving to Key West when we retire but she really likes the Texas coast as it keeps our families close. I've been to Key West but she hasn't so I'm hoping to bring her there and introduce her to it.

    Keep posting….
    Austin, TX

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