Key West weather continues to be a bit nippy. Though I sense a warming trend. The cold front is supposed to lift today or tomorrow.

Bocce playoffs started yesterday at noon.

My team was not good enough to qualify. Every team I have played on has failed to qualify. Perhaps it is me.

Larry Smith’s team did qualify. Second time.

I went over to the bocce courts to watch Larry’s team in the playoffs. It was not their time. They lost the first two games and were immediately eliminated.

Bocce is a sport like any other. In order to win a championsip at the end, you must have been there a few times before.

Perhaps next year, Larry.

The Key West Christmas Parade last night was a winner! Always is!

I have concluded that small town parades are always better. They may not have the sophistication of a Macy Day Parade, but they are more intimate and personally fun. People on the floats and street know each other and aknowledge each other. Every one genuinely happy.

I have found this to be the case with the Key West Christmas Parade. Also with the July 4th Parade in Chatham on Cape Cod. I vacationed in Chatham for many years. Always enjoyed the Fourth of July Parade for the same reason I enjoy the Key West Christmas Parade.

It was a kids’ parade/party last night! As always!

My grandkids Robert and Ally sat on the curb. As the floats went by, candy was thrown. They darted to pick up the goodies. Ally was crawling around on the street on her belly reaching out for everything she could get.

All the kids were.

It was a joyous sight to behold!

There was too much, however! Too much candy! More than Halloween!

After a while, Robert and Ally’s bags were full. They were too heavy for them to hold. And they were tired. They spent the last half of the parade just sitting and watching the parade. Ignorring the candy thrown.

The best was saved for last!

Santa Claus!

My grandkids are still into Santa. They were wide eyed and in awe. Especially Robert.

God is good!

Afterwards, I headed for Don’s Place. Everyone had watched the parade. Everyone was in a Christmas mood.

Don runs a good place. Homey. It was a pleasure sharing some time with friends there last night. Many are like family.

Today is pro football. At Don’s Place. Then the gym. And hopefuilly tonight, Kate Miano’s Gardens.

Enjoy your day!

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