Where do I begin…..

Happy Hannukah!

Yesterday was Day One. A candle lighted.

The weather!

I reported yesterday morning how great the weather was. Calm. No breeze.

Then in the late morning it got windy. I was on the golf course. The wind was a relief. It was hot! The wind was so striong that I had to go 3 extra clubs when hitting into it. Still, the sun was shining. Enough that my face was red at the end of the round.

By the time I got home, the weather had turned. It was cold! The wind was about 40-50 miles per hour. The water had 2-3 foot waves. Whitecaps all over the place.

A cold front had come in. It was sufficiently cooler that I wore long pants last night and a leather jacket.

The temperature at 8 this morning is 62 degrees. The high today will be 70. Cold for us!

The cold front will be upon Key West till at least Sunday. I know. I should not complain. People up north have freezing temperatures and in some areas like Buffalo are getting buried in snow. Nevertheless, it is still cold here in Key West! I feel cold!

Golf yesterday morning was fun. I played good and bad. A bit worse than I have been playing recently.

Played with Tom, Tino and Yankee Jack. Tom was the big winner. Yankee the big loser. I am happy. I won $4. Better to win than lose!

Big night last night!

Kurt was with me.

The evening started with the lighting of the Christmas tree at La Te Da. Big tree! Had to leave it outside. It would not fit inside. It was set up between the pool and outside dining room.

Every one there. Terri and Donna were asked to lead the crowd in the singing of Silent Night. Terri has all the Christmas caroles down to a science. I should know. I hear her rehearsing every day on the deck.

Yesterday was World Aids Day. Prior to the tree lighting at La Te Da, the group went over to the White Street Pier to honor those who have passed on because of this horrendous disease. More than 1,000 Key Westers have died over the years. The name of each decesased was read aloud.

I am ashamed to say I did not attend the White Street Pier memorial. It was too early for me. I could not make it. Everyone reported how moving it was.

Kurt and I had dinner at the Yacht Club. Good conversation and good food.

Then we hustled over to the Bottle Cap. It was time for the Larry Smith Variety Hour on KONK radio and the internet. Terrific show! Love Jenna! Alec was unusually good. The whole show was outstanding!

Lisa’s internet department store Via Key West is starting to do a big Christmas business. My tee shirts continue to lead the sales. Love it! In two days she has received orders for 29 Key West Lou tee shirts.

Take a quick peek at Lisa’s internet store. www.viakeywest.com.

Radio show time tomorrow morning at 10. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

I am going to have a guest for one segment. Stephanie Kaple. Better known as the Island Shoe Girl. We are going to talk about airport security and how it impacts males and females, attire that might be worn, etc.

Interesting and timesly topics also. Like Willie Nelson’s pot bust, the Portland attempted bombing of a xmas tree lighting, the Mexico to San Diego drug tunnel, Pledge of Allegiance on beer cans, Congresswoman Rankin, hypocracy, Obama citizenship court case issue, Chicago taxicab king Symon Garber, the Pentagon and repeal of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, Louisiana weird dumb laes, Bank of America revelations, tax cut for the rich versus unemployment benefits for the poor and middle class, Sharia Law in court in Oklahoma, Assange, Dream Act, Cavs owner probing James’ hiring by the Heat, Charlie Rangel, and more.

Lots of material! Lots to listen to! A fast moving and informative program!

Again, the time is 10 am Friday. On the radio, KONK 1500 AM. On the internet world wide for viewing and listening www.konkam.com.

Last weeks show is available on demand 24 hours a day on video on the internet at www.tikilive.com/video/28754.

Tonight…..Terri White! At La Te Da’s Crystal Room. A spectacular show! Live From Broadway! With a couple of Christmas caroles thrown in!

Enjoy your day!

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