Last friday’s radio show is now available for viewing on the internet. Enjoy The Key West Lou Legal Hour 11/24/10. The first few minutes are set up and no voice. And then the show! I hope you find it interesting!

Yesterday morning started with the gym. Woke lazy. Did not want to get out of bed. Forced myself!

I felt good after finishing my work out. I especially enjoy the boxing.

It was lunch time. Bought a New York Times and headed over to Hogfish.

I enjoyed lunch and the Times. About two hours worth.

My early afternoon was spent on the deck writing. Shared the place and time with Terri. My in house Broadway entertainer!

Late afternoon was spent at the doctor’s. More tests. I’m ok! I thought the doctors thought I was ok! We are at a point where we are repeating tests!

Dinner with Lisa and the family. Robert and Ally are excited about the Christmas parade saturday. Kept seeking my assurance that I would be with them. Try to keep me away!

The final match of the bocce season was last night.

It has not been a noteworthy season for us. We are not fighting to get into the playoffs. Not even close.

On every team there are those that play a lot and the rest who stand by waiting for an opportunity to play. We opted to let those who played less during the season play last night.

I never played. Nor did David and Don.

We should have let the second team play ahead of us all season. They were spectacular! Won the first game 16-11 and the second 16-5. I left early so I do not know what happened in the third game.

I mentioned Lisa’s internet department store Via Key West in yesterday’s blog. I suggested the purchase of a Key West Lou tee shirt. By the time I left for bocce at 6, she already had orders for 14!

Howard Livingston is one great guy! The best! I notice his comment on Facebook today. He is leaving this morning with a bunch of little ones for a trip to the North Pole. They are flying out of Key West airport I assume to Orlando and Seaworld. Seaworld calls its North Pole the Polar Express. Howard is joining the group which includes his grandson Michael.

I am up early this morning. Gray outside. Calm. No breeze at all. Neither the water nor palm trees are moving. Going to be a hot one!

Golf this morning. Good! I love playing golf. Someday I might get good at it. Hope springs eternal!

Tonight is the Larry Smith Variety Show. 9 pm. The Bottle Cap. Hosted by Larry and Jenna. Live on KONK 1500 AM radio. Can be seen and heard world wide at

Larry has a mime on the show now. She is lovely and talented. Watch for her!

Enjoy your day!

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