I was wrong when I suggested a couple of days ago that winter was upon us here in Key West. It is still warm! Yesterday the temperature hit 84! The only difference in recent weeks is that air conditioning is no longer required. The breeze off the ocean is sufficient cooling.

Yesterday was doctor day!

I started with my internest in the morning.

Afterwards, it was off to the gym. I am committed. Boxed and did the treadmill. I increase the frequency of both a bit each day. I am impressed with the treadmill activity. Up to 3.5 miles per hour with an elevation of 3.5-4.0. Not bad!

I am always thirsty after working out. Don’s Place fortunately is next door.

I seem to have joined the breakfast club. But I only drink water!

Rob was bartending. He gave me water without my even having to ask.

Herschel was sitting at the bar. I joined him. Herschel plays on my bocce team. He fell at bocce last week. Hurt his ankle. It still hurts!

He had his leg propped up on a bar stool. The toes were all black and blue as was the bottom part of his heel. I said you have a fracture. He said no. He takes blood thinners and that is why there is so much blood pooling. He went to a chiropractor. Did not see a doctor. I think he should see a doctor and get it x-rayed.

I spent the early part of the afternoon under the tiki hut. Writing. Terri was with me. She was practicing Christmas caroles for her thursday night show at La Te Da’s Crystal Room. I am lucky to have her company and be able to listen to her sing so much.

Then it was 3 o’clock. Time to see the heart doctor. That visit ate up 1 1/2 hours. Part of it spent waiting.

I spent the evening in. Made myself a light dinner. Then sat outside on the deck by the water. In the dark. Quiet. The only sound was the moving water. And an occasional fish breaking the surface. Meditative time. Good for thinking.

The Christmas season is upon us. Homes and stores decorated. Key Westers decorate their homes more brilliantly than up north. Maybe it is the lack of snow. Something compels them to go all out.

The grandkids are into it, also. Robert and Ally started telephoning me yesterday. Key West’s Christmas parade is Saturday night. Poppa, are you going with us? Of course! I attend with them every year!

It is a terrific parade! Long. Santa at the end. The best part and the reason the grandkids love it so much is the candy. A ton of candy is thrown off the floats to the kids. A Fantasy Fest parade for the little ones! Beads replaced by candy!

Speaking of Christmas, Lisa’s internet Key West department store has many goodies for sale. Reasonably priced Christmas gifts. www.viakeywest.com.

Lisa has a new batch of Key West Lou tee shirts. Her biggest seller!

We have been lucky this year. No hurricanes!

Today is the last day of November. The official end of hurricane season. It is nice to have gotten a break!

Enjoy your day!

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