Sunday started slowly.

A quiet relaxing day.

And then the night!

I was out on the town!

Finally made it to the Gardens again. Glad I did. The place was packed. Many old friends. Many new faces. Kate Miano has done a tremendous job!

Met Reed. He was in town for a short visit. He was performing with the ensemble.

Reed presently lives in New Hampshire. The last time he was in Key West was the early 1980s. Key West has changed, he said.

He told me any activity on Duval Street ended at Petronia. Now Duval is loaded with action all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Terri sang. Her reception was amazing! Always the same! A standing ovation at the end!

What a talent!

Then to LaTrattoria for dinner.

Ate at the bar. Charming Kathy bartending. Her Thanksgiving went well. She entertained at her home for dinner. She had been nervous. However everything turned out perfectly!

Becha gave me a hug and kiss. She had just returned from Las Vegas. Spent Thanksgiving there. Had a terrific time!

Mick Barnes said hello. One of Key West’s premier attorneys. We lamented that Marty was not spending more time in Key West.

Nine o’clock was the Larry Smith Sunday Showcase at the Pier House. His special guest was his wife, Christine Cardone. A Key West star in her own right.

It was Christine’s birthday. The Wine Galley was packed. Inside and out. Everyone there to pay tribute to Christine. One of Key West’s most loved people!

Christine sang. The marvelous Kathleen Peace backed her up.

Kathleen is a new woman! She has been on a diet. It was obvious.

John and Ellie were in the audience. They are from England. Visit Key West every year about this time. Spend a month here.

John and Ellie read this blog every day. Gives them their nip of Key West while away.

Since it was Christine’s birthday, there had to be a cake. A huge one!

We all gathered round the cake to sing Happy Birthday! As Christine went to blow out the candles, a male body leaped up out of the cake! Stripped to the waist. Wild!

It was Adair. Adair is a local trainer and body builder. So he has the body to leap out of a cake.

No one expected it. It was a fun thing and added to the hilarity of the evening.

How Adair got under the table and was hidden from all, I do not understand. I was seated by the door and watched Alex and Tino carry the table out. Obviously, Alex and Tino were instrumental in planning and arranging the Adair bit.

Journey was in attendanced also. Journey is Christine’s daughter. She is an entertainer in the Woodstock area. She was here for her Mother’s birthday. Journey added flavor to the event.

It was a very good evening!

Today, I have two doctor visits. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. I have learned that that is what one does in his old age. Visit doctors!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Seeing doctors is good. it's when they send you home and say – no need to come back – THAT is when you have trouble.

    Sounds like Sunday was a nice day. Glad to read about it. Wish we could be there.

  2. Lets see how those test results come out! And you are right – when they send you home to get your affairs in order and that you may not finish the milk before its expiration date, you know you are in trouble….right Lou???!!! Love P & J

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